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Example sentences for triumphal

Their fact reporting did not seem to justify an immediately triumphal outlook, however.
B ut let's recast the story as a triumphal, even uplifting tale of pluck and achievement.
The revelation of the mysteries is the triumphal close of the piece.
At sowing and reaping, after a triumphal procession, one of the lads was slain by being punctured with a poisoned arrow.
The wolf let out a triumphal howl from a merry throat and kissed the sheep with jaws that tore not.
And the irony was that all these people should clutter sadly in the shadow of the triumphal arch.
Triumphal painting in temples and public buildings illustrate military campaigns and conquered lands.
The column is crowned by small triumphal arch surrounded by a balustrade.
Berenice's triumphal chariot was drawn by six white horses and was followed by twelve other chariots.

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