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The discovery of global warming is a great triumph of two centuries of developments in fundamental physics and chemistry.
The irony is that the dangerous dwindling of diversity in our food supply is the unanticipated result of an agricultural triumph.
Together they were on the brink of a penultimate triumph.
When she effortlessly opened her mouth, you could hear her pain and triumph.
We go forward with complete confidence in the eventual triumph of freedom.
He is brought home in triumph and kept in a cage, where all the villagers take it in turns to feed him.
If his prediction comes true, it will represent an astonishing triumph in rapid technological development.
Having drugs that reliably cure life-threatening diseases would be a triumph.
His mission is intended as a triumph of the mind over the base adrenal impulses of common speeders.
Flo, they hoped, would triumph because of its technology.
In reaction to earlier decades of high crime and chaos, communitarian values triumph over strictly individualistic ones.
The changes in the cetacean ear, head, and brain that have heightened this sense are a triumph of adaptation.
The result is a triumph of narrative indulgence over theatrical expertise.
Swiftness is part of his triumph and of his character's blinkered, annihilating aggression.
For moviegoers, however, the triumph is bittersweet.
When you have killed all sixteen colossi you feel loss rather than triumph.
Primed for triumph, they were ready to latch onto a symbol of what they believed would be a joyous finale to the war.
Sherif can still scarcely contain his joy at surviving to see the revolution triumph.
It is the triumph of ideas and insight over style, of originality over reaction.
The belief that globalization means the triumph of one way of doing business is not only historically false.
It even fooled itself about enjoying a swift flower-strewn triumph.
Moments of triumph contain in them the seeds of disintegration.
And with triumph comes acceptance, and with acceptance comes tedium.
Triumph and tragedy on the world's highest mountain.
No entrepreneurial triumph of its day has ever been less resented or feared by the public.
Thus began a cycle of vertiginous triumph followed by humiliating failure.
The teacher looks on with pride at the moment of his student's final triumph.
Advertising muscle and consumer demand should not triumph over good taste and cultural sophistication.
One of the reasons for the school's triumph has been the success of its careers placement service.
But despite that seemingly impressive triumph, his party was already fracturing.
But the government touts the project as a triumph of its trade policy.
It is a page-turning if horrifying read and a triumph of thorough, fair-minded reporting and of empathy.
It was an unlikely triumph wrested from a moment of national humiliation.
The freeze has been applied patchily, but settlers and their backers are hailing its end as a moment of triumph.

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