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Example sentences for trio

Faithful companions who help us find our way in the world-and into a trio of happy endings.
Examination under a high-powered microscope revealed a trio of narrow grooves cut into the fragile wax.
It's of course worth mentioning that any errors there are my own rather than those of the fabulous trio of workshop leaders.
But a trio of scientists has created a set of tools that might help scholars find their way around.
It would be wildly expensive-requiring a trio of cows-and demand many acres of land.
The swimmer lifts his towel to gain time, wondering about the strange, expectant trio that watches him.
So when the trio releases a recording, it's in order, it's never been mixed up.
There was the crowd-pleasing trio of marching bands, gospel choirs, and acrobats.
His alarm calls drew the other two back to the day area, where the trio spent the night.
The trio designed an experiment that allowed them to see, for the first time, how migratory songbirds behave in the wild.
The trio collected data before, during, and after the management intervention.
The dessert options were a trio of local cheeses and a forgettable pear upside-down cake.
In those early days, the trio got a rush out of expanding their new business.
In doing so, they will use the trio of regulation, enforcement and taxation.
Sheltering from a rainstorm in an abandoned factory, the boys encounter a trio of tramps.
That's a pretty potent trio of advantages for any business.
The scenery becomes a character in itself and provides a gorgeous backdrop to the evolution of the trio's cross-country trek.
When they sing and dance as a trio, they're delicious.
The trio is contributing for one of the best high school football teams in the country.
With their third studio album, the country-pop trio looks to prove that previous crossover success wasn't a fluke.
Yet the trio persist and find sweetness in their path too.
The trio argued that their agreement would amount to sanctioning a war by the back door.

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