trickster in a sentence

Example sentences for trickster

The scientific community and media is not immune from their antics and it is rightly on guard against the trickster.
The poor kids in that room suffered with the stench for days, while the trickster and his friends snickered amongst them selves.
It's a superpower in a confidence trickster's business.
He was ashamed to say so, but he was in fact a bit of a confidence trickster.
You've made a point of using a trickster motif in lots of your work.
Yo becomes the artist as wandering trickster, fomenting trouble or falling into it wherever she turns up.
Typical trickster attempts to slide something unrelated through on the back of other legislation.
But in his personal life, as often happens when people get older, some of the old trickster's masks began to harden on the face.
McLuhan was a fabulous trickster, and in these tapes his talent for putting on an audience is fully visible.
If he's in the mood, he can ratchet things up to trickster-as-philosopher.
The trickster, a crucial character in many cultural histories, often slips into people's lives without warning.
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