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But even he could have learned a few tricks about living on the edge from these other temperamental artists.
The kennel housed many old dogs, some that wouldn't hunt and others that couldn't be taught new tricks.
The company hasn't announced any plans to stop the tricks.
Locking up the pickpocket only sets him up to learn worse tricks from hardened thugs.
You'll see some of the gnarliest tricks on the waves.
The book oozes with a slickness, a snake oil salesman's set of cheap tricks and pseudo-intellectual come-ons.
They do help because they teach you tricks to speed up your response time and minimize the chance of errors.
They seem quite familiar with their tricks and interests.
The dean did nothing, and attempted to get the student to run out the clock on filing complaints by tricks.
They antagonize each other, they get even, they pull tricks.
One of the tricks my mom used was telling herself if she really still wanted that cigarette in half an hour, she'd have it.
In addition to keeping the litter boxes clean, maybe you can try those tricks that people use when their homes are for sale.
The best way to make a good impression on an observer is not by any little tricks, but by actually being an impressive teacher.
Apparently, not only can an old dog learn new tricks, but its brain will become stronger for the effort.
The so-called doomsday algorithm uses clever mental arithmetic and mnemonic tricks to enable a quick determination.
Here are some tricks, beginning with a word of caution.
Our forebear might even teach us a few old tricks that could be used to help the living.
In addition, cyber crime seemed to mutate into new enigmatic forms, forcing bewildered police to learn new tricks.
Animals have come up with some pretty clever tricks for keeping themselves off a predator's dinner plate.
All of which suggests we've evolved a number of tricks to avoid the ultimate game-over: starvation.
Speech engineers use all kinds of tricks to boost accuracy.
As with many number tricks, you can understand it using simple algebra.
But females, it turns out, have some tricks of their own.
Financial conjurors suddenly discovered that their tricks for making risk vanish had only disguised it.
And he disdained the tricks of the modern politician's trade.
It plans some one-off tricks, such as the sale and leaseback of its property portfolio.
The state government uses the usual tricks to try to jump-start growth, including special economic zones.
At school he was notorious for his nasty little tricks in fights with his friends.
But the industry has two new tricks up its sleeve, in the form of online and mobile gaming.
Perhaps firms pick up tricks of the trade and other know-how from their neighbours.
Crows make tools, play tricks on each other, and caw among kin in a dialect all their own.
Mantids and katydids have some cool survival tricks.
Luckily, many animals have tricks for staying alive.
Presumably the change in appearance tricks foraging birds into eating the otherwise unappetizing ants-parasites and all.
Some people say that old dogs can't be taught new tricks.
Plants use wily tricks to survive under the harshest conditions.
The mountain has a history of playing tricks on people.
In halfpipe, riders are judged on the height and style of their tricks.
Many of the grazers were quick and roamed in herds-new tricks for survival out in the open.
And research shows that people can improve their ability to remember or slow the process of memory loss with a few easy tricks.
Airplane wings exploit some of the same aerodynamic tricks.
Especially the carnivores, or meat eaters, that use the sneakiest of tricks to trap their insect dinners.
Perhaps you're a photographer in training and may enjoy our photography how-to guides to learn the tricks of the trade.
Get expert quick tips and tricks to take better portraits.
The great poets are to be known by the absence in them of tricks, and by the justification of perfect personal candor.
Macy has no skill in vaudeville tricks to call attention to himself: no shafts of limelight have followed him across the stage.
Hints of the proper craft, tricks of the tool's true play.
Technical training may give the negative merits of style, as an elocutionist may help a public speaker by ridding him of tricks.
These and even far less flagrant or flamboyant tricks of virtuosity have gone quite out of fashion.
If you take three tricks, you win the pot, unless only two decide to play that hand after the draw.
The connection has a crystalline clarity that tricks him into not allowing for the satellite delay.
The idea was not to move forward but to resist going backward, ideally while performing lots of fancy tricks.
They know that advertisers are targeting them and watching their every move through cookies and other tricks.
The growth pressure of plants can do an impressive variety of tricks.
And tumors have other tricks to jam the chemical signaling of the immune system.
Her skin was smooth, and the light from the fireplace played tricks with it, all of them charming.
There are a few tricks and techniques that come in handy when cooking them.
Browsing is an inherently private phenomenon and so tips and tricks are not so easily shared.
The mammals were captured in the wild, confined, and forced to perform cheap tricks for human spectators.
And it gets out of your way through a number of ergonomic tricks.
And obviously, it might come in handy for underwater tricks.
The terms of the tricks were apparent: she did them for treats.
So they ended up putting in unpaid hours for an employer who was expert at tricks of this sort.
The book is saying that the best way to avoid being deceived by magic tricks is to learn to do the tricks yourself.
But it can be written, without tricks and without cheating.
The difference between filmmakers and magicians is that filmmakers are only too happy to reveal their tricks.
Film has got some great tricks that it's taught writers.
People are playing tricks on each other and putting on wigs for no good reason.
History is a rumor, science a series of magic tricks.
These are tricks against which there are no defenses.
And she did it without any stage tricks or fancy effects.
Nature's tricks could teach us a lot about other planets.
If old dogs haven't been able to learn new tricks, maybe that's because no one has known how to teach them properly.
For a simple example of how your brain plays tricks with time, look in the mirror at your left eye.
The new telescope employs several tricks to aid the hunt.
In other words, there are no tricks to the pronghorn antelope.
Everyone wanted to see the monkey perform his tricks.
People can boost their working memory by using certain mnemonics, or memory tricks.
In other words, you could teach an old brain new tricks, as long as you used preexisting hardwired circuits to do the learning.
Other plants that rely on bats for pollination may use similar tricks.
Most of it relies on dry ice, effervescence, and other simple tricks but it's still pretty thought provoking for kids.
The mechanisms they use to do that are a big topic of research since higher animals have trouble pulling off such tricks.
It turns out she's a cancer researcher who began turning tricks while in grad school.
But when you watch them, it's clear they have more tricks than that up their fins.
But it packs a number of tricks all of its own, designed to woo business users.
Usually these kinds of tricks come about as the result of some new development in mathematical thinking.
One of cancer's cleverest tricks is its ability to hide from the immune system.
It boasts features to rank it at the top end of the smartphone market, and its software offers some neat surprises and tricks.
His latest effort combines some nifty techie tricks with the dual trends of cheapening storage and broadband growth.
Bing does, however, deploy some interesting tricks in a few key areas.
There are tricks that definitely extend battery lifetime significantly, depending upon the chemistry.
But sometimes contests can be won by tricks or specialized techniques that don't cause scientists to learn anything really new.
There are numerous shortcuts and tricks that a clever programmer can exploit to give the impression of empathy and understanding.
But it also allows a host of other quantum tricks too.
The software relies not on any advanced artificial-intelligence algorithm but rather on two surprisingly simple tricks.
Every once in a while, the intelligence community opens its cloak to show off some of its tricks.
The taco tricks out a truck and takes to the street.
The storehouse of financial tricks has been greatly depleted.
Snowboarders had already perfected the tricks developed by predecessors.
But investigators have a hefty bag of tricks to expose them-powder, chemicals, lasers and lights.
Two new reports allege a host of financial tricks were employed to boost earnings.
It put a premium on inventing tools and tricks for finding food and not becoming food.
Before long, the copies began to evolve, developing the ability to perform new and unexpected chemical tricks.

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