trickling in a sentence

Example sentences for trickling

Even the advertising dollars have finally started trickling in.
Many tourists are already trickling into town and many will stay for the weekend.
By late morning, rivulets of melt are trickling down the ice.
Thanks to the trailblazing of the rich and famous, the price of home networks is finally trickling down to the rest of us.
The drops that fall from it will accomplish his destiny and so prevent the tears from trickling from his eyes.
With so many subprime borrowers now behind on their payments, the pain is trickling through the system.
As the trickling salt water meets the air, evaporation occurs.
By the fourth, there was blood trickling from his left nostril.
The company's marketing department has been trickling out online videos of the device.
With a booming art market, commercial pressure is trickling down to the academies.
The oil wealth is also trickling down in the economy and spreading beyond the elite.
Money for advanced technology is now trickling out of government coffers.
The trickling filter consists of a bed of highly permeable media, a water distributor, and an underdrain system.
Discuss the principles of the trickling filter treatment process.
Discuss the principles of operation of trickling filters.
These episodes were believed to be related to the operation of the new trickling filters.
Sounds are reduced to the musical gurgle of water trickling amongst ferns and mossy rocks.

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