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Coming soon to a playing field near you is a trick play so clever it's likely to be imitated on punt returns throughout the land.
Coming soon to a playing field near you is a trick play so clever it is likely to be imitated on punt returns throughout the land.
And he is still able to manage his consummate, his characteristic, trick-which is to glamorize self-pity.
Finally, something that's nifty though not exactly a trick.
The trick in getting this right lies in the ability to recognise cognitive limitations and biases.
The trick to the wasp's subterfuge is the chemical weapons it brings to bear.
Next time you throw a party, try this fun trick with supercooled water.
The trick for me is to find out how the animals really live.
It's a kind of magic trick that makes anything look better.
Once you know the trick and the secret move, practicing is fairly easy.
They're not trying to trip you up or humiliate you or trick you.
Though unpleasant for the doctor, it is a useful trick.
We tried the same trick with the knife when cutting the rolls, and it worked.
Here is where a professional kitchen trick comes in handy: make an ice water bath.
The rubber hand illusion is more than a vaguely creepy parlor trick.
Reading your own work objectively is a trick that some master more easily than others.
Optical illusions are images that trick the viewer into seeing something different from what exists in reality.
What is surprising is how little advance setup would do the trick.
Here, dark-wood surfaces and stainless steel appliances do the trick.
Here's the trick to getting your vehicle moving again.
In a pair tournament scored by match points, every trick can be vital.
The trick was to target their pain areas, and not the whole body or brain.
But there is mounting evidence that governments have missed a trick.
But for now the researchers aren't sure why the cod employ this biological trick.
Uncover this little trick and atomic fusion, though extremely dangerous, will work.
It's a kind of magic trick that makes anything look more pulled together.
There is this trick, a trick that burned me in the past.
But the real trick is finding them when they are on the ascent and before they peak.
Whether all the details were right is, at the moment, secondary to whether it does the trick.
The remaining trick was to get home on the remaining fuel.
Instead it is, in a sense, a trick of our perspective.
That's actually a trick filmmakers learned decades ago.
The trick to doing it well, he's learned, is to plan and prep at home.
After centuries, fire and brimstone still do the trick.
The trick to its absorbency is in the way those building-block molecules are arranged.
Any of the really small tabletop tripods will do the trick and don't take up much space in your bag.
It turns out that it is fairly easy to trick us into thinking that someone is looking somewhere else.
The trick here is to keep the supporting colors neutral and allow the vibrant hue to shine.
The economy may do this for you, of course, but it's more impressive to do it yourself as a magic trick.
The brain can often trick you into thinking inanimate objects are part of your body.
The trick is that a heat pump moves heat rather than generating it.
The right plants in pots on a patio can do the trick as well.
The trick here is that you have to train yourself to count symbols instead of interpreting all white spaces as separators.
The trick is knowing exactly how materials alter light that enters them.
The trick is knowing that you are a bad player and be cunning enough to make a disadvantage your advantage.
The fact that they cut out little notches in the path really helps trick your eye into believe that it's stone and not concrete.
However, that trick isn't what earned the species its bloodsucking name.
However, the trick is that the buildings must be built more efficiently.
The trick is getting that long shutter speed in broad daylight.
The trick is making it look so appealing and relaxing.
The trick is often to underexpose the brighter area of a photograph.
Withstanding temptation takes self-discipline-no easy trick when immediate gratification plumps our sense of well-being.
To focus the sound, the trick is to capture these waves at any point on the array.
Your friend's card will always be the one under the card that was on the bottom of the deck at the beginning of the trick.
The trick is to bail out when rates are bottoming out.
Instead, the orchids trick insects into performing the task without reward.
Avoid trying this trick in drafty rooms, outdoors, or anywhere with poor lighting.
The trick is to be non-confrontational and non-threatening while saying as little as possible.
Mimicry is a well-known trick in the animal kingdom.
Playing on fears of foreign involvement is an old trick.
The trick for locating the position of the hidden sun is to detect polarization, the orientation of light waves along their path.
The trick is capturing future savings to invest in rehabilitation now.
It doesn't satisfy depth perception but will trick a casual glance.
They had perforation, but they would do the trick anyway.
Actually, getting the combines to line up is no trick at all.
The first trick to balancing a ceiling fan is mark each blade with a bit of tape.
The trick remaining is to identify exactly which ones.
The trick is that as they do so, they make the low-concentration streams of water electrically charged.
That, allied to the laws of optics and some heavy-duty computer power, seems to do the trick.
They have a cool trick to help them move up and down.
Some digitally created images are created to enhance a mood, or to trick people.
The trick is to ensure that the fruit does not become ethylene-insensitive so that it never ripens.
But, if you were cagey enough to do the rewinding the film trick, then maybe you'd be up for this trick.
They are one of the few mammals that can use sound to navigate--a trick called echolocation.
Forget the neon, pseudo-punk graphics and trick sticks flooding the snowboard industry.
They trick animals into pollinating them and usually give nothing in exchange.
But never can any advantage be taken of nature by a trick.
Another related trick is to change your financial unit of account.
That's a high school trick for concluding an essay and can look silly.
The trick here was to switch up the group tasks so that it didn't become monotonous for any of us.
The trick is that such standardized interviews require time and training.
Pizza is another engagement trick to get students to possibly pay attention to their education and learn.
Another trick could be to start a reading group that addresses some of the problems that you and peers are observing.
Some professors attend one workshop, try one new trick, and consider their teaching reinvigorated.
It therefore often becomes a parlor trick of intellectualism.
The red pepper trick sometimes has to go on a while before the squirrels can learn.
The trick in foraging for a tooth lost in coffee grounds is not to be misled by the clumps.
If the party trick is misleading, so is the name of the secret ingredient.
And then he moved through time, using the epic novelist's trick of a heroine as old as the century.
There was a certain trick she had picked up, to keep her mind occupied.
The trick is wedging the knife point into the hinge and twisting.
He'd teach one dog a trick and they'd all do the trick.
So the trick, then, is figuring out anything else about those planets beyond the fact that they're there.
But the bird is smart, only falling for the trick once or twice.
Along with carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating, reading spooky stories is a great way to celebrate.
None of the jobs is particularly difficult, but the trick comes in getting people to successfully communicate.
The trick is to distract yourself by studying stuff that's slightly different from whatever you're trying to learn.
The trick isn't the plot-come on, it wasn't that complicated.
The menu varies daily, but any seafood dish will do the trick, especially the steelhead trout served on a bed of lentils.
He effected this trick by the apparently simple expedient of moving, fictionally, across the river.
It marked the trade diplomats' surrender to the confidence trick on which the system is founded.
In the past only space-based telescopes could manage this trick-and they are ludicrously expensive.
The trick is what the camera does with the incoming light.
Yet over the past few weeks it has taken the initiative, scoring what amounts to a hat trick.
Another money-saving trick involves a more low-tech approach.
Another trick to produce folds is to embed gold wires in the membranes.
The trick is that the spirals come undone when the zinc is removed.
Its trick is to extract better returns by rationalising production and processing, and keeping operating costs and overheads down.
The concept of rapid maglev travel, as this trick is known, is not new.
Nowhere else was this trick repeated with such success.
The trick, always, is to connect the story with the wider world of human relationships and experience.
But suddenly, this old-fashioned trick has become unnecessary.
The trick is how do you determine where the line of responsibility breaks.
The trick is done by cannot, which has two meanings.
He didn't create complex derivatives to trick naïve investors.
To read the first post, on the origins of trick-or-treating, click here.
Lester had been famous among the line workers for a magic trick.
The trick is to balance the present benefits against the future harms, not avoid both entirely.
For the doctor, it was a trick on the inner ear, an amusing exercise in vertigo.
We don't know where the bird is or how it learned this trick.
But persuading other countries to clean up after a war they had opposed would be quite a trick.
But that is typical of what happens when people hitch up to a one trick pony.
What they all boiled down to was finding ways to trick yourself into paying attention.
But exactly how plants manage this nearly instantaneous trick has remained elusive.
Nor is it clear how neurons in the brain's visual pathways manage the trick.
Yet you think he did some mighty magic trick which by sheer coincidence he got right.
Its sun shield, composed of five layers of aluminized polymer film, ought to do the trick.
Ideally, this handy trick would keep your data safe from prying eyes.
The trick will be to find material that holds enough energy to last through the night, especially if one were traveling at night.
Spray it in any direction and it will do the trick.
From generation to generation they mutate into forms that trick their host systems into propagating them.
We wondered if he was going to do a magic trick, and he did not disappoint.
Yet small, incremental improvements from a slightly better gearbox or new a coating for turbine blades won't do the trick.
The trick is in understanding that everyone's needs are different and going from there.
The trick is to optimize the number of layers and to optimize layer thickness.
Hypnosis is still the medical version of the parlour trick.
Recombination with the different homologous chromosome is avoided by some trick.
The trick to achieving a normal cholesterol range is simply to change one's lifestyle.
Those who had a chance to get a full night's sleep after learning the game did a better job of figuring out the trick to it.
He had a hat trick and has four goals in his first three games.
The trick with this approach, of course, is making sure that the blunders aren't a sign of nitwit management.
Some trick the search services into giving high rankings to infection-spreading websites they control.
The trick, if there is one in these situations, is the flight number.
Determining the final cost of this film is a trick in itself.
Negative publicity does indeed help the insurgency, but it's the killing of bystanders that really does the trick.
Scientists have found a way to trick the body's senses into thinking a flat surface is actually sharp or pointed.
The trick reduces sensor power consumption and extends their range.
Moving water is fairly straightforward on the human scale: a pump or a bucket will usually do the trick.
One idea is to us x-rays or electron beams to do the trick and indeed some groups have had some success with this technique.
But this particular trick has eluded chemists, an omission that clearly irks.
The trick worked: the cell finally showed some electrical activity.
Good beach photos often include silky-looking waves, a trick achieved through slow shutter speeds.
The trick is to superimpose an oscillating electric field onto the charging field.
The trick was to get the pH balance and temperature right for the mixture of enzymes and microorganisms the researchers selected.
The structures that do the trick are tiny rings carved into the surface.
The trick to building a temporal cloak is to place two time-lenses in series and then send a beam of light through them.
The immune system is normally relatively tolerant of cancer, and the trick is to get it to see tumors as the enemy.
The trick is to move the brush fibers in parallel to the blades.
First, these effects could easily be a trick of the eye.
OK, it's a clever trick to identify processor with math.
Any laptop computer battery can do that trick as long as it is not being charged near to the full charge state.
Perhaps it's a trick that neuroscientists can learn from too.
The trick in applying this to transportation would be in the refueling mechanism, an critical flaw in battery powered vehicles.
Nature reports that some scientists have seen it, too, and they say it could be more than a neat trick.
One trick used by some bacteria is to eject antibiotics through so-called efflux pumps embedded in their cellular membranes.
Face space also explains why the favorite trick of editorial cartoonists works so well.
The trick depends on creating a standing wave with regions of low and high pressure.
Note that using a top of the line microphone won't do the trick, if you put in on the table.
The best illusions are the ones where you'd swear it's a trick.
Predictable touch doesn't elicit the laughter and squirming of tickling-it's unpredictable touch that does the trick.
Researchers say the human brain may perform the same trick.
It's a nifty trick that provides the sea slug with an extra energy source, but the problem is that it shouldn't work.
Some have learned to trick us by changing their antigens, those molecular pieces of the microbe that our antibodies recognize.
As a trick to get a driver to slow down, it will work once on each driver.
Although, having my neuroscience quote tattooed on my back to where it sticks out of halter tops is a fun party trick.
The trick with romantic comedy isn't being surprised.
About one tablespoon of salt to four quarts of boiling water will do the trick.
The only trick is preparing these foods in a way that highlights their fresh flavor without adding a lot of fat.
To replenish its coffers and keep depositors from worrying, it's pulling an old-fashioned accounting trick.
But the trick is evaluating the position at the end of those calculations.
The trick, he says, is not to worry about the entire problem but to find a small fix to get through the task at hand.
The trick is to not let the chatter overshadow the need for quiet reflection that spirituality requires.
The trick is to make dictators offers they won't want to refuse.
Making a green conversation happen organically at a game is a pretty good trick.

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