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More proof, as if you needed it, that the military tribunal system can't work.
Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion.
We are afraid the tribunal may on technical ground in the face of defence lawyers exonerate the alleged perpetrators.
Any genuinely independent tribunal would have put the leaders of all sides on trial.
The bloated coalition's first task was to set up a special tribunal to charge those responsible for the election violence.
Senior officers in his intelligence services are likely to figure on the charge sheet if the tribunal ever sees the light of day.
It falls to him to convene a tribunal and examine the suspects.
Summoned before a tribunal, he was asked how many automobiles he had on a date some weeks earlier.
The consequence is that in practice the decisions of the tribunal are altogether arbitrary.
He appeared before an honor tribunal only thirteen days later, and in his opening statement confessed to all charges against him.

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