tribrach in a sentence

Example sentences for tribrach

Plummets, which cannot be rotated about a point, are checked through the use of a test ring mounted on a second tribrach.
If a total station is to be used, remove the instrument from the tribrach.
Never leave an instrument or its tribrach on the tripod without securing either to the tripod.
Center and level the instrument over the mark using only the tribrach.
Once a tribrach is set over a point, it must stay mounted on the tripod over that point for all uses.
Level instrument using tribrach foot screws following equipment leveling procedures.
All backsights and foresights will be to a prism secured to a tribrach and tripod.
Tribrach circular level bubbles and optical plummets can be out of true or height measurements can be made incorrectly.
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