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She said that she felt her tribe and family were what made her who she was.
Obviously this author has no concept of the males role in the family group and the tribe.
There morality is created when the father of the tribe is killed.
Everything consumed by the tribe comes in that way, and every piece of refuse must be flown out.
The potential tribe finds itself in jeopardy as investors drop out and new staff drops in.
Take it to a college history professor near you and maybe they can give you more information about a specific tribe and time.
Every piece of terrain is considered owned or controlled by some tribe or clan.
Understand that you are a participant observer in the tribe.
Most of the money coming into the tribe is from federal grants of one sort or another.
Tribe members appeared from the forest one day at an oil exploration camp.
One tribe has endorsed the nickname, but the other has refused to even schedule a vote.
Only by stirring up a race war have they managed to unite the rest of their small tribe behind them.
The claims that do survive the skeptical scrutiny of the tribe get to take their place in the shard body of scientific knowledge.
No corporation or tribe has as many cigarette-selling sites.
Perhaps a tribe or species gains some survival advantage by castrating its subordinate males.
There was a time when you could say that good design produced a concept or ideas to help you and your tribe have a better life.
Few of the country's politicians seem able to put patriotism before party, tribe or personal interest.
Our species history is full of that from one tribe to another within our species.
In the days of the hunter gatherer you needed a large area to sustain a tribe.
His tribe wasn't impressed by his lack of control, and they lost the challenge.
Up close and personal with individuals from the tribe.
There is no indication that a single ember of any tribe died as a result of this single action.
Humans will adjust by limiting births at a tribe level.
When people avoid strangers-those outside the tribe-communication among tribes breaks down.
In other reservations almost all businesses are run by the tribe, either directly or through a corporation.
Next year the tribe will host other indigenous peoples who want to repair deforestation on their own lands.
Except for weapons, ornaments, tools and suchlike personal possessions there was a sort of patriarchal communism in the tribe.
The originality is conspicuous in what he says concerning the idols of the tribe.
But if he be from a tribe hostile to you and yet a believer, then let him free a believing neck.
Conventions were established from the first to regulate the rights of the individual and the tribe.
Imagine a tribe facing a long winter realizing that there are tons of eels going downstream in the fall.
They had been self-selected to represent the tribe as a whole.
Alas, he does not tell us if he knows of such a tribe or if he has merely dreamed it up.
Such trust was originally limited to the band or tribe, which is no longer the case today.
Besides taking inferior genes out of the tribal pool, it supplies the tribe with relatively docile workers.
Parents not only bring food and teach toolmaking but also provide protection and status within the tribe.
The hunters would then walk home with the meat, enough to share-in small portions-with the tribe.
But it was possible to fall quickly, devolving from a state to a tribe without hitting intermediate levels on the way down.
And those who did it first and best would have better survival chances, thus teaching their tribe the value of altruism.
They are only going to care about the people in their tribe.
The core of human nature is the desire to belong to a tribe.
Some members suspected that others in the tribe were freeloading, living off the daily tofu without doing much to earn it.
When things happen, the tribe gathers around and lifts you up.
Tribes and societies interested him because he grew up in a tribe, left it for a society, and belonged to neither.
He needs to be adored, and he'll banter with fans, but his face goes dead when a tribe of paparazzi or even an agent comes near.
With long stretches of border to keep track of, one tribe is forced to enter into an uneasy partnership.
To put it as concisely as possible: the individual pays, his genes and tribe gain, altruism spreads.
The complex ties of clan, tribe, and region further complicate things.
There's no way observed human societies grew out of a species organized along the lines of a bonobo tribe.

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