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Example sentences for triangulate

When a seizure occurs, doctors triangulate the origin of the aberrant electrical activity.
The ships set out transponders that the subs use to triangulate their position from the ships.
None had any means by which to triangulate such a spectacle into a vision even remotely resembling the modern one.
Previously, trucks had to wait until enough calls came in to let them triangulate the location of an outage.
It sends a signal to a satellite allowing scientists to triangulate the bird's position.
The researchers compare genetic markers from the tusks with the genetic-variability map and triangulate the source of the ivory.
Of course, if you want to use the phone, they can triangulate and pinpoint you with the cell towers during the call itself.
The bees, it appears, are able to triangulate as well as a civil engineer.
Since there are four cameras in the network, they could triangulate on the meteor, getting its height off the ground.
The data was sent to central processing unit, where input from a number of sensors was used to triangulate a solution.
Others may triangulate the miner's location by comparing signals received by multiple beacons.
For example, they may have to triangulate themselves or set up internal data structures.
The method used to triangulate results is also recommended as a means for developing participant and regional profiles.
Qualitative teacher observations of the two students were used to triangulate the data.
We used focus groups as a research tool to triangulate a range of other data, including artifacts and surveys.
We tune in to each bird every day to triangulate their location and listen for mortality signals.
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