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Example sentences for triangular

Imagine those three groups as the sides of a triangular-shaped basin.
Along top and bottom of single-leaf rows, cut out triangular notches and depress slightly.
The triangular shaped structures in the photo hold the heart to the mosquito's back.
They ran in a triangular formation with the pups in the middle.
Take the vast triangular tract of land at the south of the map.
It goes without saying: a triangular pyramid is always surrounded by six quadrangular pyramids.
The slab of metal is mostly hollow, drilled out by machinists to leave an intricate triangular scaffold of narrow ribs.
Try comparing square designs to triangular or hexagonal designs.
The triangular nutrition guide, rendered useless by its latest redesign, is being replaced.
Researchers also noticed precisely cut triangular gear teeth of different sizes.
The large triangular-shaped stone is not indigenous to the area but was carried there by a glacier during the ice age.
He tore the seam open, spread the fabric to form a triangular bowl, and watched happily as the rain pooled on the fabric.
If people were sending letters in rectangular envelopes, he would make triangular envelopes and send letters in those.
To see the major dimensions of this problem, imagine a tetrahedron, a pyramid with a triangular base and three triangular sides.
The liver-gray and triangular-materialized on the screen.
That's what is on that big triangular platform hanging over the dish.
Researchers also noticed precisely cut triangular gear teeth of different sizes.
There's a reason bike frames have been triangular for so long: stiffness.
The computer then sits astride the two ends, the triangular wedge formed by the fold keeping the hot base off your legs.
One pizza parlor now serves triangular pies on triangular platters.
They are gray-brown to olive-green on top with off-white undersides, and they have heavily serrated, triangular teeth.
Praying mantids have long necks topped by a triangular head.
Flight: small but chunky swallow with a shallowly forked tail and broad-based triangular wings.
It is reached by driving south toward the tip of a huge triangular mesa.
Triangular at its base, the world's tallest tower morphs into a tubular design as the latticed-steel structure rises.
He had chubby cheeks and a jack-o'-lantern's triangular nose.
Walk past an odd, triangular house that is all roof.
In reality, ancient cultures on nearly every continent erected the triangular monuments at one point or another.
Plastic containers have triangular recycling codes on the bottom.
Imagine harnessing the wind in a triangular sail attached to a streamlined boat that weighs next to nothing.
Traditionally, dhows are wooden vessels with slanting, triangular sails.
Their boats, known as dhows, were wooden sailing vessels that featured a triangular sail.
Fold the top and bottom wrapping that is remaining into two triangular shaped flaps.
The fortress is shielded by two triangular ravelins, or outworks.
Three tough guys stare daggers at one another in the prelude to a triangular gunfight.
Gum swelling is quite common and may involve one or many of the triangular-shaped bits of gum between nearby teeth.
The anterior or cuboid articular surface is of a somewhat triangular form.
The fifth runs between the adjacent margins of the triangular and pisiform bones.
The triangular-shaped inner material shall be urethane foam.
The flow control section can have different shapes, such as triangular or circular.
The triangular head has a hooked beak with large crushing surfaces.
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