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Example sentences for triangle

Each is organized as a clear hierarchy rather than as a balanced triangle.
Between these two lines lies a large, fish-rich triangle.
Press down to create a pouch in the end of the plastic triangle.
The hypotenuse of a right triangle is not always the shortest distance between the two points that define it.
He or she will realize there's something to each of these sounds that's special, and it has to do with that triangle with legs.
Arrange the woody pieces in a triangle one stem to the right one to the left and one across then tuck in flowers.
Everyone probably already knows about the density triangle.
His question coincided with my attempt to break the neatly formed triangle.
Its the same formula as solving a triangle in geometry, but it would not yield the faster than c speed recorded for the neutrinos.
He raised his arms, forming two sides of a triangle.
Cut out two triangles for the ears and one triangle for the beak, then attach with glue.
Being an eccentric geek, he is having the island shape changed from a rough triangle to a perfect equilateral triangle.
Instead of using three circles, the red light is now a triangle and the green light is a square.
She needs some rhinoceros triangle to go with her blue ink.
And then a triangle of cloud lowers and sharpens into something pointier and leaner.
So, that is the area of the small triangle in terms of the value of y.
First he made a triangle, then several loops attached to the triangle.

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