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Many trials later, she came up with this recipe, which the whole family loves.
Clinical trials started getting larger and more complex.
Compared with epidemiological studies and clinical trials, anecdotes-with their lack of control groups-look downright pitiful.
Unfortunately, there are no data from clinical trials on tenure-track careers.
Well, philosophy has a long history and has faced many trials.
In each of the trials, the dolphins went to the mirror to examine the areas the scientists had marked.
Trials of the other defendants are scheduled to take place over the coming year.
He drops you into their world so that you feel their trials and tribulations.
The trials, on sandy ground considered ideal habitat for ground-nesting birds, were ringed by half-metre-high electrified wire.
In clinical trials, what worked in mice didn't always translate to humans.
The work is extremely delicate, a series of trials filled with many errors.
In multiple trials, she hid a wireless speaker in a fake tree trunk near each group of elephants, then drove away.
Nor is there any company of saints in which trials fail.
The virtue of the saints was true and heroic, because humble, and proof against all trials.
These trials speak volumes as to the state of feeling and opinion among the vulgar with regard to human liberty.
It is the will of heaven that virtue be proved by trials.
It was a special age of the insanity of witch-trials and witch-hangings.
But during her novitiate she felt many severe interior trials, notwithstanding her constant great contentment in this state.
Such a life has its trials, and often a severer martyrdom than that which stands the test of the flames.
Then trials were so many conjurations, and the magical ceremonies of barbarity and heathenism entered into law and religion.
They will first learn to bear themselves well in trials which they anticipate and which they school themselves in advance to meet.
Rise of randomized trials to study antipoverty programs.
Brain scans and other types of neurological evidence are rarely a factor in trials today.
Big clinical trials-to test new drugs or procedures-generate reams of important data about safety and efficacy.
And many compounds that boost learning in mice fail in human trials.
Early-stage human clinical trials could begin within months.
Some trials involved rating beverage preference by taste alone.
On other trials, the brand labels were also provided.
But its use in humans has been hampered by safety concerns, including some fatalities in clinical trials.
In standard trials, the act of taking a pill or receiving an injection activates the placebo response.
Every year, millions of volunteers participate in clinical trials in return for quick cash.
In the jargon of the industry, the trials crossed the futility boundary.
Clinical trials have proved a valuable medical innovation.
Partly because of the political implications, the war-crimes trials have run into trouble before they have even started.
Two trials relating to alleged financial improprieties are due to resume next month.
Its main scientific use at the moment is in clinical trials as a baseline for comparison with another treatment.
Trials are boring, and long trials are excruciatingly boring.
Good fantasy gives us a unique perspective into the conflicts and trials in our own lives and the lives of those around us.
The researchers think that clinical trials of irisin could begin in as little as two years.
The device is still in an early phase of development, with the first animal trials starting later this year.
Now he has, after long investigation, written an epilogue to the trials of the two co-conspirators.
Going through all these trials trying to protect her was not working.
Theo went ahead with beach trials the following afternoon.
Tells about the trials of new drugs being developed to combat the disease.
Account of the trials of being married to a writer who is a genius.
The trials will finally go forward in the next few weeks.
Countries in which clinical trials are now conducted are often too poor to pay for the medicines that are successfully tested.
Popular opinion thus has less sway over individual trials.
The novel tracks their gradual coming together through a maze of trials in which monsters and devils figure prominently.
During their trials, defense lawyers coached them to deny or minimize their crimes.
The first clinical trials of drug treatments are already under way.
The next step is human clinical trials, which will begin sometime in the next few months.
Officially, the aim of the trials was to see if transferring the gene was safe.
Yet hundreds of millions of dollars in research and dozens of clinical trials have yielded only dismal results.
Once the pharmaceutical industry created a synthetic version of human leptin, clinical trials were begun.
But as before, they slowed down when they had made a genuine mistake, even for trials where they had been apparently fooled.
Burt is now organizing larger trials for both diseases as well as other autoimmune disorders.
Despite two decades of research, no gene therapy treatments have made it out of clinical trials.
The drug must now go through another round of clinical trials.
The treatment could be ready for clinical trials in three or four years, if all goes well.
But initial trials are under way while they stake out intellectual property rights.
The start of the clinical trials is likely to stir hopes of a big payday among investors.
Such studies obviously lack the rigor of clinical trials, but they have their own advantages.
It would have been more informative to be given survival benefit results which is the gold standard for cancer trials.
Now, a new kind of hearing aid that aims to overcome these problems is in clinical trials.
In fact, several early-stage clinical trials are now ongoing.
He declined to estimate when the company will begin clinical trials of the drug.
But when neurotoxicity was detected in some patients, clinical trials were halted.
In early clinical trials, it was shown to improve patient survival one month after treatment better than dialysis alone.
Her efforts have yielded a noninvasive test for cervical cancer that is already in human trials.
Drugs that encourage the growth of new neurons in the brain are now headed for clinical trials.
Further safety refinements must be made before human clinical trials can get under way.
The company has conducted extensive trials on the ease of cleaning up the gum and has done independent taste tests.
By some counts, the measures have halved the hung-jury rates in state criminal trials.
Self-modulated resource is designed for individuals who want to develop a basic understanding of clinical trials.
Basic to advanced information for all audiences about clinical trials.
Results from clinical trials concerning ovarian cancer.
Results of clinical trials concerning melanoma or skin cancer.
Results of clinical trials concerning prostate cancer.
Open trials are those that are accepting eligible people who wish to participate.
The following glossary was prepared to help the consumer become familiar with many of the common terms used in clinical trials.
Few rheumatoid arthritis clinical trials compare drugs: study.

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