trial lawyer in a sentence

Example sentences for trial lawyer

His career as a trial lawyer had taught him never to rise to provocation.
His life-story loomed large because the dashing former trial lawyer was short of both substance and political experience.
The former trial lawyer with the anti-corporate rhetoric does have some things going for him.
If he thinks that was good for the economy, he must be a trial lawyer.
The move once again leaves the ex-governor in legal limbo and in need of a top-flight trial lawyer.
But it is the role of the trial lawyer to make the convoluted and bizarre simple for the jury.
Prior to joining the court he enjoyed a distinguished legal career and earned a reputation as a preeminent trial lawyer.
He is an exceptionally talented trial lawyer and a superb legal tactician.
Capital was founded by a veteran trial lawyer and a seasoned court reporter.
One of them was that her trial lawyer was ineffective as a result of his failure to interview the other people in the house.
She is a seasoned trial lawyer and is well respected within the legal community.
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