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The system essentially functions as a clinical trial in a test tube.
Mixing experimental drugs can also skew the trial's results.
He goes on trial next month in a proceeding that could last as long as a year.
The burden of proof in the trial of academic freedom should be on the challengers.
But this film is as much about travel as it is trial.
The trial was halted, hopes were dashed, and the researchers went back to square one.
There are certain things in the trial that aren't going to change, so you can kind of work ahead of time.
Box after box arrived at my doorstep this spring to trial.
He hopes the trial will show that the spray-on technique improves patients' rate of recovery and their final outcome.
Powers endured a high-publicity trial and was found guilty of espionage.
The people on trial claimed total innocence or culpability, and in some cases no knowledge of the events.
When he was arrested, it was in headlines around the country, and his trial was a big-time trial.
To make things more complicated and interesting, the opening's size varied randomly from trial to trial.
Trial researcher alleges paper exaggerated antidepressant benefits.
Space exploration has always been a bit of trial and error, and this book reflects that.
His first trial on similar charges stemming from the same events fizzled out with a hung jury.
The decision contradicts last month's mistrial ruling in the nation's only file sharing case to go to trial.
After more than seven years of trial and error, it is time to examine the outcomes of those relaxed initial eligibility standards.
Through trial and error, he has adapted studio photographic techniques to the process.
The case was remanded to a local court for a trial to set damages.
After their conviction, the trial judge allowed their names and family backgrounds to be reported by the media.
But making it helped me learn, by trial and error, how to make things happen.
Through more trial and error, the researchers determined the reason for their failure.
He is determined to abolish the right of some defendants to opt for a trial by jury.
If they were unable to find a moth, they were trained to peck at a green dot that would initiate a new trial.
Submitting a winning proposal to the right agency can involve trial and error.
For more than a decade she had been on trial as a student-both in graduate school and on the job market.
The trial showed that the two drugs worked more or less equally well.
The problems facing academe today demand concrete plans for trial and testing.
Meanwhile, the security chief was convicted in a trial heavily publicized on state television.
Give them some freedom to explore on their own, and learn from their own mistakes in a process of trial and error.
The spring semester's textbook has the updated story of the trial that has captivated the country.
Thus was the vessel of puritanism wrecked on its first trial voyage, in the teeth of the winds of tradition and authority.
His trial for larceny was scheduled for the summer after graduation.
When he's put on trial, the jurors turn into comedians.
Biology is now driven by genomics, not by trial and error.
The trial transcripts alone exceeded seven thousand pages.
When conditions maximized humiliation and confrontation, every interaction escalated into a trial of strength.
The key to trial and error always has been and always will be the will to recognize and turn away from error.
Trial lawyers are dreaming of one of the biggest paydays since they feasted on tobacco litigation.
He barred people from leaving or entering the jail where the trial was to happen, and locked the telephones in a fridge.
The bomb attacks have been probed in a criminal trial and parliamentary investigations.
The fights are bitter, part of an escalating war between business groups and trial lawyers.
Before presenting the target, the researchers signalled to subjects which kind of trial they were in.
The trial is short, and the execution is carried out efficiently and quickly.
The team time trial is the ultimate combination of teamwork, aerodynamics, and outfits.
Their creators plan to let the robots learn through trial and error.
Prescribing medications is mostly a trial-and-error process.
Once installed, the trial versions pumped yet more ads into the user's web browser, pestering people to shell out the full price.
Virtual environments are safe platforms for trial and error.
It has been performing clinical trial services for the past seven years.
In every trial, this sector attenuated when the second photo was shown, implying it was only noting the presence of the hydrant.
The replication of these flavors by food chemists has previously been a process of trial and error.
At the end of the trial, you compare the two groups.
But there was only one clinical trial to compare reserpine to a placebo with depressed patients.
In that trial the scientists were actually testing reserpine for antidepressant effects, and they found it to decrease depression.
One clinical trial, everyone agrees, proves nothing.
But they would also confirm something more startling by the trial's end.
In those cases it was developing for the first time and involved a lot of trial and error.
It's record of proven nonsuccess in this area is more than a long enough trial of it.
Truth herself could not get a fair trial in such a clearly biased setting.
But designing the complex biochemical pathways inside such microbes is a time-consuming process of trial and error.
Now, the group has finished their first clinical trial on human patients.
At present, choosing the best therapy option for a patient is in part a trial-and-error process that can take weeks.

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