trestle in a sentence

Example sentences for trestle

The trestle legs fold, and both pieces can be stowed in the back of a closet.
Its members set up trestle tables at weekends in several big cities and hand out leaflets.
It occurred where eastbound and westbound rails overlap on a trestle.
In between were three rows of trestle tables with benches.
Those facing west will overlook a crumbling railroad trestle and more industrial landscape.
It is often a long, brisk, outdoor walk to a trestle stairway to board the plane.
They all sit down for a big feed at trestle tables set outdoors.
At the site, there was a wooden trestle with a large crawler crane situated in the middle of the trestle.
They are currently using divers to install under water bracing elements needed to support the heavy trestle loads.
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