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First they dug trenches, but the fire outpaced them.
Photo of the transparent, flexible battery, with a microscope image of the grid of trenches making up the battery's electrodes.
Not war, but the letter a soldier would read to comfort himself while in the trenches.
Literary folk in the trenches know that many poets don't care much about specific predecessors.
Most folks in the trenches feel that a more team-oriented approach might be more effective.
Graduate students are the people who see it from the trenches.
These are designed to bring great laughs among pals who are in the trenches.
There are rebel checkpoints on the roads, trenches around key towns, and training camps in remote villages.
The trenches' layout mimics the pattern of the long-gone posts.
The tallest pyramid at the site not only has looters' trenches but was deeply penetrated by a series of tunnels.
Slide the box in the hole and check that the pipes rest in the trenches on either side of the hole.
We recorded a number of trenches that had been dug in various parts of the site.
They dig trenches across faults, searching for the active trace.
Some areas of the ocean floor have deep, narrow depressions called ocean trenches.
He sometimes tires of the diplomatic trenches and goes over the top, sharing his ideas with a public microphone.
Ministers and other heavyweights have been dispatched to the local trenches.
Those who are spared may be chained to a tree for months, or ordered to dig trenches.
The risk remains that both parties may retreat to their trenches while the clock ticks down.
Far from it, whichever side of the trenches you occupy.
Choose instead bunkers, anti-vehicle trenches, lots of concrete and even more barbed wire.
For the trenches, dugouts and tunnels-many containing human remains and personal belongings-are ethical minefields too.
Presidents also form a peculiar bond of trust with people who served in the campaign trenches with them.
But he's still made a lot of noise in the trenches during his impressive eight-year career.
For a veteran interior lineman, elbow scopes are common badges of honor from getting jammed in the trenches.
In the rhetorical trenches of the culture wars, sometimes the best way to ambush your enemies is to echo them.
Other trenches have been used by scientists to learn about the fault's capability as a source of earthquakes.
Infiltration trenches with perforated pipe must be registered.
The landfill contains disposal pits and trenches of questionable location and dimension.
Runoff is diverted into the trenches, from which it percolates into the subsoil.
Small picnic area and pavilion, interpretive sign, remains of rifle trenches in woodlot.

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