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The rain is terrific for the weeds, which continue to pop up all over the test garden at a tremendous pace.
Mozzarella came to mind first, because it's so tremendous with ripe tomatoes and basil.
But to hold an egg that actually contains nascent life is quite another matter, a tremendous responsibility.
There is this tremendous sense of energy and ambition and idealism that the world and the future is theirs.
They also find tremendous delight in the leftover bones.
Looking up at the tremendous smokestack hanging out over them as the ship listed even farther only added to the terror.
Soon, volume increased at a tremendous rate, and machines to make envelopes were invented.
It was indeed a tremendous display of the power and might of fast-running, uncontrollable water.
But he stopped quickly when he felt a tremendous undertow swirling around his legs.
And books are a tremendous gift that keep giving for years.
The impact of humanity on our planet is undeniably tremendous.
Such chases cost the hunter a tremendous amount of energy and are usually over in less than a minute.
The fish die from the tremendous and sudden changes in temperature and pressure.
Even against the tremendous drag created by its gaping maw, flicks of the whale's muscular tail power it through the water.
But it was also a time of tremendous change and rejuvenation.
Despite their tremendous efforts, they have never come close to the prize.
It was a tremendous improvement-but with a lingering flaw.
Simply changing an oil furnace filter can make a tremendous difference in efficiency.
There aren't many big crocs left, so they are a tremendous resource.
The diminishing of the planet's oil resources will have tremendous political and economic consequences.
It's a difficult job, but one that pays tremendous dividends for public health.
Despite the country's tremendous economic growth, the government still maintains strict control over dissidents.
We have a tremendous number of glaciated peaks at seven, eight, and nine thousand feet.
Tremendous spiritual values were evidently at stake.
One cannot stand in this presence and be unmindful of the tremendous responsibility.
It had come to buy and sell, and it found itself achieving a tremendous piracy.
We were in great distress because of lack of funds, and the nervous strain was tremendous.
Though it began to decline then, the decline was not sufficient to offset the tremendous increase of the previous years.
It gave him a tremendous forehead, arching up two inches beyond the former hair-line.
Among the tremendous crises of each day none was more dramatic than starting the engine.
It seemed to him that in such a place tremendous things might have happened during the night.
Two chief obstacles hinder the discharge of this tremendous obligation.
The landscape had become one of incredible wildness, of tremendous and desolate majesty.
But first let's review the tremendous growth and continued success of the industry.
Such career sacrifices put a tremendous strain on many an academic couple, and my relationship was no exception.
Those figures suggest tremendous interest in online teaching and learning.
Right now, the absolute sales figures for e-books look small, but the rate of growth is tremendous.
Online courses require a tremendous amount of self-discipline and no small amount of academic ability and technical competence.
And it would likely be a tremendous decrease from what one would make in industry.
Human interaction with mosquitoes must take into account the tremendous human suffering that these disease vectors cause.
But the product and the business have to be developed using the target language, which is a tremendous pedagogical challenge.
The way problems are conceived has a tremendous impact on the legal and policy solutions used to solve them.
But coal has tremendous environmental impacts long before it is burned for energy, and long after.
They felt the tremendous weight of their actions and the consequences of those actions.
For one thing, fracking uses a tremendous amount of water, a severely undervalued resource inland.
So one of his symphonies could be years in the making, but each of them packed a tremendous punch.
Flying fish can whip their tails back and forth with tremendous speed to propel themselves out of the water.
But the scope for additional investments is tremendous.
It has a tremendous responsibility for escalating the crisis.
Unlike steel, they respond to tremendous pressure by snapping.
Clearly it can yield tremendous benefits in the long term.
It was important to me that a book that was mainly about a tragedy on a tremendous scale be comprehensible.
The essay, which had tremendous influence on the intellectual world, seemed to conclude a millennia-old debate.
If all works out, tremendous amounts of energy will get released when the lasers fuse the hydrogen atoms to make helium.
That's one of the reason we've got a new program executive officer and a tremendous amount of focus.
Such broad vision holds tremendous appeal for the makers--and users--of artificial lenses.
The fact that our plants can be placed anywhere and are not sunlight-dependent is a tremendous advantage.
It wasn't long before the company started to earn tremendous profits on the drug.
It is responsible for solar flares, tremendous solar explosions that can be a billion times more powerful than an atomic bomb.
The size of wire needed would be to tremendous to carry the current load.
For rats as for people, social rank and the individual's response to it have tremendous consequences.
The tremendous contributions his findings made to the radio maping of the universe should not have been ignored.
There are tremendous benefits to using the drugs, and there is only a small chance that you will get caught.
Their images provide new clues to explain how such enormous stars shed material at such a tremendous rate.
Those changes will require a tremendous public-private effort that is yet to be mobilized.
One size fits all medicine may be doing a tremendous amounts of harm.
If an tremendous magnetic field allows the planet's continued existence, there's this old problem with the chicken and the egg.
Both hold tremendous promise, and both are not ready for wide commercial dissemination.
The concept of rapid-fire dating has gained tremendous popularity, spreading to cities all over the world.
Astronomers have stumbled upon a tremendous hole in the universe.
He possesses tremendous hands and a knack for getting open, while his speed is above-average for his position.
The surprise is that many of these spectacular dishes don't require a tremendous amount of effort.
They embedded earlier buildings in tremendous landfills that raised the ground level of the entire site by several yards.
The true feat is the tremendous exertion required to return to the surface.
At the time, there were tremendous obstacles to this kind of suit.
It is not static, and one feels that it still contains tremendous possibilities of expression.
They've told me of the tremendous drama of that day.
The tremendous momentum of growth will work against it.
His tenure might have tremendous upsides: zero imprudently launched wars, a resurgence of civil liberties, more transparency.
So this idea poses a tremendous challenge to the sustainability world.
The second is that there's a tremendous problem with what's called compliance.
It leads above all to a tremendous increase in performance, in quality, in service.
It takes tremendous effort to read these small magazines with openness and attention.
But he's also a tremendous amount of fun, especially if he's on your side.
If you get people focused on these things the results can be tremendous.
Of course at the foundation of the state there was a tremendous sense of purpose, of building something together.
And his tremendous gifts as a singer and arranger, and as a synthesizer of world music in a pop context, became calcified.
In fact he did enliven the semester, but a strange thing happened along the way: there was a tremendous outbreak of the jitters.
But the redundancies it created also had tremendous value when things went wrong.
The tremendous beauty of his work was its objectivity.
Over the past couple of decades, a tremendous amount of attention has been devoted to improving corporate boards.
But, up to the final scenes, it's a tremendous piece of engineering.
No doubt this sequence is a commonplace in a hundred comp-lit courses, but the experience is still tremendous.
There is already a tremendous amount being done by various advocacy and faith-based organizations.
It was a tremendous amount of fun, but it's also an inherently annoying art form.
There is a shyness about him that is rather subtle, because he has tremendous natural authority, which hides it.
He later said a tremendous jolt of psychic energy had almost cost him his consciousness.
Even with his tremendous early success, he could not have supported himself there.
It's wonderful to be able to speak to someone who you have tremendous respect for.
On a cosmic scale, this idea could help explain how life arose in the universe against tremendous odds.
At that time, molecular biology was undergoing tremendous intellectual ferment.
Light and sound may be irritating, and they have tremendous difficulty focusing.
Certain emotions are hardwired, but reading the feelings of other people requires tremendous social experience.
And we've learned a tremendous amount about their social interactions.
It was an incredible, tremendous turning point for the human race.
He had all the physical tools, as well as tremendous leadership abilities and a fierce determination to win.
Nonetheless, many still demanded these drugs, which shows the tremendous power of marketing.
The key piece was a laser capable of packing a tremendous amount of energy into a small space.
There's been tremendous interest, he says, but also tremendous skepticism.
During the first three years of life, the brain grows at a tremendous rate.
The dental community has a tremendous interest in mussel adhesives, he says.
Yet all their attempts to neatly sort humanity were bedeviled by the tremendous variation in our species.
The experiment revealed that nerve cells, or neurons, possess a tremendous capacity for wiring themselves.
It's so new, but it's such a tremendous opportunity.
Solar power plants also use tremendous amounts of water to create the steam to turn the turbines.
For years, researchers have been finding that the diversity of genes in viruses is tremendous.
So the ability to store it will help smooth the tremendous volatility we've got in prices today.
The possibilities here are tremendous, but also a long ways away.
We already offload a tremendous amount of information and communication to our computers and smartphones.
To say that is a task beyond the reach of today's computers is a tremendous understatement.
These things can be seen at tremendous distances, billions of light years.
Sudden wind gusts put the gearbox under tremendous mechanical stress.
But building a fusion reactor that can convert that tremendous heat into useful energy has posed an immense challenge.
The number of these virtual machines can be expanded or contracted on the fly to meet demand, creating tremendous efficiencies.
It has a tremendous community of people, and they are the smartest people in the world.
But in the last few years their budgets have been constrained while the private sector has made tremendous technical progress.
And the amount of hydrogen that can be stored, by weight, is tremendous.
Such a discovery would be of tremendous scientific significance.
These simple considerations direct to a conclusion of a tremendous consumption of natural gas.
These compounds have tremendous potential, whether you refer to clinical or anecdotal evidence.
Of course, there's a tremendous amount of work to do to make this vision a reality.
The result is a system that packs tremendous communication power into a simple user interface.
The tubes form a liquid crystal, in which they are already aligned--a tremendous advantage in making them into fibers.
There is a tremendous amount of work in becoming fluent at speaking another language.
There's tremendous technical headroom for doing that.
The network of knowledge about the brain is expanding at a tremendous rate.
The mechanism of spontaneous accurate choice against tremendous odds is all important.
There is little doubt that there is tremendous potential energy present prior to the actual earthquake event.
The ones that represent tremendous threats to our national security and are already compromising our standard of living.
There is tremendous amplification and modulation taking place in neuronal circuits.
There's tremendous focus now on genetically modified plants.
When this is done, a tremendous amount of energy is released.
We are proud of our heritage and excited about the tremendous growth our city has experienced in the last few years.
Working in cold weather puts a tremendous strain on the body, even for people in good shape.
There is a tremendous amount of work ahead, but it will be worth it.
When an average-size car travels down the freeway, it uses tremendous amounts of energy to displace air.
Fishing generates tremendous economic benefit through taxes on fishing equipment.
They both have a strong sense of the tremendous value in being involved in their community, their nation.
Or, if you had a tremendous experience, let us know too.
Right now investors have a tremendous amount of doubt with respect to the stock market.

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