treed in a sentence

Example sentences for treed

On one occasion they ran across a cougar, and after a sharp chase treed him.
Others did so and were killed before the eyes of treed companions.
Treed sites are available with reservations, as are pull-thru sites.
The park is densely treed, and there is an area for dogs to run freely.
Typical campsite facilities include a paved parking pad, picnic table and fire ring, the majority of the sites are treed.
Treed squirrels are preoccupied with the barking dogs and often present hunters with easy shots.
The campground is heavily treed and many sites are shaded.
Crows usually use the same roost each night and roosts are usually in a heavily treed area.
Once treed, researchers chemically immobilize the animal, lower it out of the tree with ropes and fit the collar.
Any treed bobcat should carefully be identified and confirmed as not being a lynx before it is harvested.
There are other paths trailing off in various directions through the treed area as well.
The treed area where the rural residences are located exhibits shades of green.
Five of the dogs treed one bear while the other three treed a different bear a significant distance away.
The hunter must be able to identify their dog's bark and when this barking indicates that the dog has treed the raccoon.
Treed bear are more inclined to leave on their own at dark, if undisturbed.
The hunter must be able to know their dog's bark and when this barking indicates that the dog has treed the raccoon.
Collect root wads from forested areas being cleared for development, or selectively remove from treed area.
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