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Example sentences for tree line

It disappeared over a tree line and into the forests beyond.
Teahouse keepers and porters now scurry ever farther down-valley to retrieve timber from the descending tree line.
Breeding: stunted boreal bogs and in open country near tree line, especially in willows and alders.
The zigzag relay is necessary to gain enough elevation for the signal to clear the tree line.
We were climbing now, gaining in elevation and nearing the tree line.
Even below tree line, campfires are often prohibited because of concerns about forest fires.
Above the tree line, small pikas live in the rocky crevices of the mountains.
Visitors arrive at the museum's entrance at the top of the ravine and descend below the tree line into the main lobby.
Pets may walk along the sidewalks and are allowed to go to the tree line of the swimming beaches.
Most of the area below the tree line remains forested.
Dismount immediately if there is thunder and lightning and find shelter below the tree line and away from high, rocky areas.
Having driven to the tree line along a stream bed, they started hiking up a rocky stretch of ground toward the ice.
In the areas sampled, limber pine occurred on extremely xeric sites at lower and upper tree line.
Not much wind below tree line resulted in a uniform snow cover and no slab conditions.
Weather conditions above tree line change quickly and can be more extreme as elevation is gained.
There are two above tree line hikes within eight minutes of the campground.
If you stand along the sidewalk near the bayou tree line, the bats often fly directly overhead.
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