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Small to large tree with broad, rounded crown of spreading or drooping branches and the largest leaves of all maples.
The birds typically choose large, older trees for nesting and usually inhabit a tree hole.
But three years ago leaves on a few branches on one side of the tree started to wilt.
Tree branches have inspired efficient transit networks, but a new study finds inspiration in leaves.
They were interested in the habit certain groups of bats have of building collective tents in which to shelter, using tree leaves.
As a dwarf, it's a dense tree with large dark leaves.
We bought a tree for each of the large dormitories on the first floor, as well as one for each floor in the main prison.
It is much easier to page thru large screen on portable than read horrid tiny print of dead tree edition.
He discovered the large-scale structure of the tree of life, with all living creatures descended from three primordial branches.
In a city of steel and concrete, a single tree offers a burst of green, a cooling canopy and an antidote for frayed nerves.
Chimps have shorter thumbs and curved fingers, good for hanging from tree branches.
Well obviously, the rate of tree cutting must decrease.
See if your tree can link you to living relatives who know even more about your family story.
Even before they've hatched, red-eyed tree frogs have a nose for danger.
To tap a maple tree, a small hole is drilled about two inches into the tree trunk and a metal or plastic tap is inserted.
You'll barely see a tree without sawdust falling off.
Because many factors affect tree size, height and width provide little insight into the age of a tree.
Today the students are comparing the place of the olive tree and olive oil in their religious traditions.
In particular, certain species of tree in northern climes seem to produce more shoots in regions where they are browsed by elk.
The western counterpart of the tree swallow, the violet-green swallow has narrower wings and a shorter tail.
Remove upright stems growing through the interior of the tree.
But as weather warmed over the last century, the shrub has grown into a full-fledged tree.
We pick huge handfuls of figs from her tree each evening, and yet the ground is still splattered with surplus.
Eyeballing the height of a building or tree can sometimes be frighteningly inaccurate.
As yet, the strategy has been tested only in the laboratory, not yet on the tree.
The strongest climber among the big cats, a leopard can carry prey twice its weight up a tree.
But the best part was the petrified tree trunk that spanned the entire length of the room.
Fruit left on the tree is likely to split and rot, especially if weather is rainy.
Neither of these branches fits in the existing tree of life.
The tips of such a tree show organisms that are alive today.
Suppose a tree falls in the forest, and takes crashing down with it one of the tenets of ecology.
The best way to harvest is to wait until first fruit drops, then spread a tarp underneath and give the tree a shake.
They donned tree costumes to attract attention to their cause and crawled into tree platforms to disrupt logging.
Tree is similar to apricot and should be maintained as such.
Okay, tree shrews have the biggest brain-to-body ratio because they have such tiny bodies.
Print detailed illustrations of giant tree frogs and other animals to color or use in school projects.
But let it go, because the red-eyed tree frog's life is an extraordinary journey.
There is no better emblem of the double-edged pleasure of seasonality than a backyard fig tree.
Beautiful flowering tree offering year-round interest.
IT is a little weird to be getting briefed on the state of the world's climate by an olive tree.
Kids play at our house all the time and currently climb the tree.
The goose family tree thus revealed held some surprises.
As long as the tree is fed regularly, such soils shouldn't be a problem.
Then, in an instant, the leader rushed up his tree screaming.
The school is really little more than a sandy patch of ground under an acacia tree.
You'll get the best fruit production if the tree is grown outdoors in summer and brought indoors before the first frost in fall.
If a body is not found, a fisherman tells me, a tree must be buried in its place.
They can be found in cool, damp areas of deciduous forests, emerging before the tree canopy develops.
White trunk and branches and open crown make it a good specimen tree.
If the tree was really a tree, it would topple immediately to one side.
Adding a few drops of tea tree oil to daily saline spray seems to help as well.
It's a familiar summer scenario: a nest rests in the low crook of a crab apple tree.
Now that the holidays are over, it's time to think about bare-root fruit tree planting.
Fountains and sculptures adorn the grounds, while manicured lawns and tree-filled parks offer breathing room.
For a moment he gazes at a lone tree as if its bare branches dangle clues.
Instead of one universal evolutionary tree, picture a three-trunk stand sharing a communal root system.
The history of life is often represented by a tree, with each existing species evolving directly from a single progenitor species.
While the leader crept toward the fig tree, his compatriots made their way up two neighboring trees in silence.
But exactly where hippos sit on the artiodactyl family tree has proved devilishly difficult to discern.
The encyclopedia's researchers are picking microbes from many more branches of the evolutionary tree of life.
By connecting the dots, his team developed a hypothesis: aspen tree growth and wolves are linked.
At the time, the known human family tree was sparse.
Locals collect fruit from the forest floor year-round after it falls from the tree, and the seeds are then extracted and dried.
They're arboreal, and they use their gliding skills for sailing from tree to tree.
Instead, exotics such as garlic mustard can muscle in, taking up space and shading out native flowers and tree seedlings.
It was even strong enough to have held the dinosaur up if it attempted to climb a tree.
Thus, for example, when he painted a tree he tried to express the way in which it grows.
Artifacts exhibited include: powder horns, colonial pine tree flag.
Near the base of one maple, she found a beetle sprinkled with sawdust, its head submerged in a dime-size hole in the tree's trunk.
Some of the tree sitters use the event's popularity to advance their charitable causes.
For parts of the past where there were no thermometers to consult, such studies use proxy data, such as tree rings.
The broader the tree, the more dead ends there are along the way.
But many conservationists and financiers won't wait: they are devising tree-saving ideas of their own.
Several hundred years off the tree has made the wood dry and light, and constant use may have changed its qualities.
If you are the first to discover a tree, you get to pick the lowest-hanging fruit.
The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
So firm and strong was the tree that it was chosen as the timber for the cross.
Yet it is not every novice that can find a bee-tree.
To keep ants from reaching their goal, encircle tree trunks with sticky bands for several weeks.
Tie a red ribbon around a lemon tree or put a bow on a bare-root rose.
His rain forest has a lacy canopy, a shady understory, and plenty of orchids and tree ferns in between.
The nuts are speckling the sidewalks of our tree-lined streets, and they're carpeting the ground under our park benches.
The night blazes with thousands of stars tangled into every tree.
There is a pleasant yard to move about in, shaded by an apple tree which overhangs the low rail fence.
He pushed out every fence, every landmark that stood above the ground, every tree.
At midday they hide as best they can, under an awning or a tree.
But the venture has access to several technologies for tree modification.
They live in the environment with no shelter other than tree limbs and their only warmth is that of another chimp or their hair.
Or, if it comes in an unmarked box, tape it shut and put it under the tree.
The entire thing can be automated so that new components can be inserted at their proper location within the tree.
If you move your point of view you don't get to look behind that foreground tree.
Presuming that entropy continues to decrease, you have to look at the future of the universe as a probability tree.
Let's not forget that it was the tree huggers that killed the nuclear industry.
The tree's trunk is fifteen feet across at the base.
They move from tree to tree as they leave the mountains.
She had swallowed as many as she could, she said, stroking the cracked trunk of the poplar tree.
The bulldozer pushing over the pine tree stands for progress.
In a small clearing, he sat down with his back against a tree.
The painting shows a green tree with bright-red apples.
He's a space tree making a ski and a little foam chiropractor.
Tree-lined street, close to shopping and public transportation.
In the fall, the green chlorophyll in a tree fades away, while the tree actively builds new pigments to turn it red or yellow.
The mutation marks the trunk of that population's family tree.
If paleontologists are lucky, they'll be able to draw more branches at the base of the whale tree.
It may seem strange to talk about a chunk of computer code in the same way you talk about a cherry tree or a dolphin.
It survives by sticking a long feeding tube into the tree and sucking out the tree's fluids.
He would have had them grow rigid wings on either side of their skeletons, crawl up a tree, and then jump off.
His headlamp lights up a patch of tiny white blobs on the base of a tree.
They wanted to query ancestral ranges of marriage patterns by mapping the cultural variation in customs onto a phylogenetic tree.
By then it was evening and on the tree some cats were mewing.
Mewing cats, the second mole announced, grew on the tree.
They found that the catarrhine tree is far more stable than that of the dinosaurs.
Consider buying a balled or burlapped tree ready for planting, but use it in your home before making it part of your landscape.
Buying and decorating the tree, arguing, laughing and reminiscing.
Of all the customary hazards of life in a big city, the threat of falling tree branches is not one.
Details of how to measure a tree being considered for champion tree status.
The sun is high in the sky, a cherry tree is in flower, and the grandfather is out of the poem entirely.

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