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The future of the global climate-change treaty looks bleak.
Instead, they're bought for public relations purposes, or on a bet that a new climate treaty will include forest preservation.
Among the reasons for disappointment are that it is not a legally binding treaty.
In theory, unless either nation could decisively show that it had settled the region, the treaty would be renewed.
The treaty has to be ratified by individual governments before it takes effect.
Engineers got busy building the dams and reservoirs needed to carry out the terms of the treaty.
History preserved our acequias for us through a treaty.
But the protocol was intended as a first step, and countries have been struggling to agree on a follow-up treaty ever since.
We are looking to have mediation added in the treaty language.
Treaty change clearly entails further integration, something which the coalition has pledged not to accept.
Ultimately, though, new sanctions might require a new treaty.
If there is a treaty being signed, you have to get it on film.
He did not stand in the way of the euro zone's new treaty to create a permanent rescue fund.
And some issues need to be resolved before candidates and today's members can agree on an accession treaty.
Others are coming to educate themselves about the treaty process and to network.
In my opinion, to keep the good mentality in treaty for the rest of life is more important than other else.
It would be trite to say that this treaty is totally insufficient.
And it could hold out the promise, however distant in the future, of a successor treaty.
The treaty also strictly limits activities such as mining.
And you fancy, perhaps, that the treaty that has been made by you affords some round of confidence.
With us a treaty of peace means peace, and a treaty of amity means amity.
Evolving, don't forget about the treaty that bans the use of nuclear weapons in space.
The goal of any arms treaty would seem simple enough: reduce the number of weapons.

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