treatise in a sentence

Example sentences for treatise

So what this thread has turned into is a treatise on elitism.
The treatise itself begins with entire propriety by defining the science which it is to present.
But this is no dry academic treatise on observing animals in the wild.
Largely a scholarly treatise, the book sets out to explore what gossip is, how it works and how it has changed over the centuries.
That's from the author of this particular medical treatise.
It need not be a treatise on accepting non-human intelligence.
These were scientists, and they wrote an actual treatise on how long it would take for humanity to be wiped out by zombies.
No, this is primarily a moral treatise, not a book about education.
In other words, it is as literature and not as a scientific treatise that ideal commonwealths should be considered.
No mere dry treatise, the film endeavors to convey the fun and enjoyment of photography to the uninitiated.

Famous quotes containing the word treatise

I have almost forgot the taste of fears. The time has been, my senses would have cooled To hear a night-shriek, and my f... more
Therefore we value the poet. All the argument and all the wisdom is not in the encyclopedia, or the treatisemore
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