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Example sentences for treatable

In their eyes, insomnia is generally caused by something treatable through their tool kit, usually anxiety or depression.
Though treatable with antibiotics, it can cause fatal complications if undiagnosed.
It is easily treatable, but almost always goes undiagnosed.
Taking them instead of the real thing can turn a treatable disease into a fatal one.
Most cases are treatable, but strains resistant to first- and second-line drugs are on the rise.
Disease will not exist or will be treatable to the point that cancer will be no more of an inconvenience than a cold.
As you browse through these slides, please remember that all of these infections are treatable.
Positional vertigo episodes are caused by an inner ear disorder that's treatable by manual maneuver of the head.
Of course, many people may suffer or even die during this wait, if they have an illness that is not yet otherwise treatable.
These are in general extremely indolent and easily treatable cancers.
Seasonal affective disorder can make life extremely unpleasant for the sufferer, but the good news is that it is treatable.
If decrepitude is driven by an overactive immune system, then it is treatable.
If so, many cases might be treatable with antibiotics rather than surgery.
Partly because my family is commonly afflicted with all kinds of bizarre and stressful issues that aren't always treatable.
They looked for cellular changes that are fatal and ones that are treatable.
It is treatable with drugs or surgery, but the treatments do not reverse the condition.
TB is an entirely preventable and treatable disease.
While treatable, the disease had progressed to a stage that's incurable.
In general, the probable outcome is good for physical dysfunctions resulting from treatable or reversible conditions.
However, medications are worth trying if the cause of the condition is not treatable.
Patients with mild hyperparathyroidism or hypercalcemia with a treatable cause do well and do not have complications.
Hyperthyroidism is generally treatable and only rarely is life threatening.
Colon cancer is, in many cases, a treatable disease if it is caught early.
Though treatable, the disease is not curable, and it is often poorly controlled.
My disease was treatable and the odds were favorable.
More than winter blahs, seasonal depression is recognized and treatable.
While depression is a serious condition, it is also highly treatable, especially if it is recognized and treated early.
The patient's anemia was also potentially treatable if the cause could be discovered.
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