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Then treat the interim appointee with utmost respect and courteous regard.
Many different medications are used to treat migraines.
Your colleagues, mostly older than you, treat you as a whelp instead of as someone who's au courant.
Gliomas are particularly difficult to treat with conventional therapies.
Broad anecdotal evidence suggests acupuncture can effectively treat a host of ailments in animals.
Also, the symptoms are not long enough to treat with medication.
Uncover the bittersweet story of this ancient treat.
And there's no denying that it can sometimes be useful to treat the syllabus as a meaningful resource for the whole semester.
Many animals seem able to treat their illnesses themselves.
Isn't it amazing how many people think drug therapy will treat drug addiction.
Psychiatrists, medical doctors and psychologists have used hypnosis for more than two centuries to treat pain and illness.
Sweet, succulent melons are an irresistible summer treat.
The military is scrambling for new ways to treat the brain injuries and post-traumatic stress of troops returning home from war.
Vaccine immunotherapy is the use of a specific vaccine to treat an existing cancer.
For the smart and ambitious people who become academics, school was a joy and a treat.
It is a pity that more is not done to prevent and treat addiction.
Meat is generally a rare treat for chimps, whose diet consists mainly of fruits and vegetables.
It was a huge treat to visit him at the battered newsroom with all the hustle and bustle.
Build sundaes small or repeat layers for a double-dip treat.
Veterinarians successfully treat injured equines with stem cells derived from the animals' own fat.
Some of the agents used to treat hypertension, such as thiazide diuretics, can increase the risk for gout attacks.
The courtesy or discourtesy with which you treat your colleagues matters.
Rescue workers can clean and treat oiled birds and other relatively large animals that come ashore.
They treat us with antidepressants, misdirected therapy approaches.
The same devices could also be used to treat cancer.
He said oncologists would have to be trained to recognize the side effects and treat them quickly with corticosteroids.
Berry said the panel's work has been complicated by how much colleges differ in how they treat adjunct faculty members.
As a result, reverse osmosis first became established as a way to treat brackish water.
With good viewing conditions expected, sky-watchers are in for an early holiday treat.
Psychologists have known for some time that it is difficult to treat fearful memories with therapy.
Six of seven birds tested used the short stick to reach a longer one, which they then used to get their treat.
For those of us who grew up in the pre-cable era, cartoons were a rare treat.
When you do get migraine symptoms, try to treat them right away.
They could create new crops, new fuels, new ways of investigating diseases and new drugs to treat them.
Take a virtual tour of a chocolate factory and nibble on the history and science of this beloved treat.
The finding could facilitate efforts to develop drugs to treat the disease.
Other uses include electronics, spark plugs and in drugs to treat cancer.
She serves it for brunch or as a after dinner treat in hollowed-out melon halves.
Treat your students the way you would have liked your professors to treat you.
From many investors' point of view, this has worked a treat.
Treat your skin with special care by creating simple, organic skin management products at home.
Two drugs that doctors have long used to treat malaria and certain psychotic illnesses may one day find a new use.
At any time of year a visit to these picturesque greenhouses is a treat.
Spicy apple, dried apricot and cherry filling is topped with a crunchy hazelnut streusel in this special harvest-time treat.
Imagine you could treat cancer by taking a pill, then directing a laser light toward the location of the tumor.
Antibiotics are used to treat the infection and prevent it from coming back.
Internal bleeding is dangerous and difficult to treat.
Security fears spawn ways to treat radiotherapy's downside.
You'd never know that this chocolatey, smooth frozen treat is made with low-fat milk.
The idea is based on successful studies that used cortical cooling to treat survivors of strokes and cardiac arrest.
Some people may get special antibiotics to treat bacteria that live in the mouth.
Foreign donors sometimes bring food and tablets to treat convulsions.
Treat your family to a winter getaway no one will ever forget.
In colder areas, treat as annuals, or grow them in containers and move them indoors or to a greenhouse for the winter.
They'll be inoculated against diseases, and veterinarians will be available to treat sick lemurs.
Scientists are continuing to search for a way to treat infected bats and halt the spread of the disease.
Benzodiazepine tranquilizers, given to treat anxiety disorders and panic attacks, are no exception.
The results bring researchers a small but significant step closer to using stem cell transplants to treat a variety of diseases.
It may thus make sense to treat such prudential measures and capital controls similarly.
He said the application of shock waves to treat heart disease is an exciting step for the field.
These treat apostates as sinners to be punished, not individuals with a right to their own beliefs.
It is historic, inviting, and a real treat to visit.
Or, you can forgo the hardware and treat the board as pure sculpture.
Good tomatoes, though, are a treat worth waiting for.
In other words, treat this with all the seriousness and gravity it deserves conjugate.
But the history of this cool treat is full of great moments and tasty trivia.
Researchers looking to treat insomnia have built a suit threaded with warm water-filled micro-pipes that promotes deeper sleep.
It was once used to treat syphilis and applied topically to whiten skin.
The finding could help sufferers of arthritis, cirrhosis, and other diseases that can be difficult to treat with existing drugs.
Researchers are looking for new ways to diagnose and treat both.
First, there is the question of how to treat human remains.
Yet the use of healing herbs endures-particularly simples, used to treat mild ailments.
Rather than romance, they could covet and treat themselves with sweets.
Treat them as the backbone of a border combined with perennials, annuals, and herbs.
Then there's the matter of spending millions to develop drugs to treat diseases that may simply never emerge as a threat.
Others try all kinds of strategies to leave the tempting treat alone.
In other relationships, animals don't treat their partners so poorly.
During the first outbreak, no one knew what kind of disease it was nor how to treat it, he said.
If you treat your employees right, they will work their tails off for you.
Scientists treat quantum information as if it were an object.
Hospitals still use heroin derivatives to treat pain.
His idea was to treat each sensor as if it were a pinhole camera.
Natural substances can treat cancer, prolong life and trigger amazing hallucinations.
If the stem-cell idea is confirmed, it may help doctors and patients choose how to treat different tumours.
It is used to treat some forms of irregular heartbeat, such as atrial fibrillation.
Yet it would be wrong to treat such figures as signs of profligacy.
The drugs smelled odd, thanks to traces of chemicals used to treat wood.
Treat is also about showing respect on customers abilities while building confidence and taking technical authority.
And by doing this early, it could mean that those diseases are easier to treat.
It has also led to criticism of a legal system seen to treat private citizens far more harshly than errant officials.
They often treat creditors badly too, meaning that neither side ends up satisfied.
Superbugs evolve when common bacterial infections develop resistance to the drugs used to treat them.
If they work as planned, they could generate more electricity than is needed to treat the wastewater.
When a dog wasn't watching, he hid a treat beneath one of two plastic cups.
What a treat for those who get this musical experience.
He suffered from poor eyesight, which he tried to treat by dunking his head into a basin of cold water, eyes open.
There was a humanitarian aspect to it because they brought veterinarians and doctors to treat the animals and people there.
For individuals who are found legally insane, psychiatric medication is often prescribed to treat the underlying mental disorder.
The key to getting such letters is to treat the process with forethought, not as an afterthought.
Arguments raged about how to treat them and how to treat the way some of them treated others.
We treat all these things as ideals in themselves, overvalue them ridiculously.
They were gracious enough to arrange a meal and treat me, without much justification, as a professional equal more than a stalker.
Fight your adversaries with words and images, don't treat them as fools or demons.
Treat publishing as a forethought, not an afterthought.
Nothing could be more ill-bred than to treat curtly any overture made in spontaneous friendliness.
He had to scheme and treat for pasture with competing tribes.
Those who would treat politics and morality apart will never understand the one or the other.
While of their persons and their acts his mind doth treat.
Bone marrow stem cells have been used to treat thousands of heart patients around the world.
Now scientists are exploiting this coincidence to treat the cancer with a vaccine that targets the virus and slows tumor regrowth.
Besides being rather cool, the result provides new insight into how to treat traumatic memories in people.
One way to treat such pain is by directly training the brain to correct the distorted maps.
The drugs are already being used to treat other disorders.
Also, not everyone who raises backyard chickens chooses to treat them when they get sick.
If you find grubs, treat your lawn with beneficial parasitic nematodes.
Treat yourself to this sweet cake that's decorated with raspberries.
With the main living areas on the second floor, dining in the treetops is a daily treat.
He's an excellent vet, but one who doesn't typically treat chickens.
Nurse sharks may help detect-and treat-anthrax and other infectious diseases.
Treat tarnished silver with chemical-free home remedies.
Be sure to treat the natives in the friendliest manner that you are able.
For an additional treat, you can make penguin cupcakes.
Nervous system complications and infections have also been reported after the use of stem cells to treat blood diseases.
Ask your parents for help making this tasty treat.
Mastoiditis may be difficult to treat because medications may not reach deep enough into the mastoid bone.
Treat dental causes such as rough teeth, irregular denture surface, or fillings as soon as possible.
For example, it may be effective for smaller melanomas in the eye, a location that is difficult to treat with traditional surgery.
There is a strong debate between the two professions about who is best qualified to treat what.
Serve this pastry as a dessert, or a decadent breakfast treat.
Pomegranates are a delicious treat, but picking out the seeds can be time consuming.
These cookies are not as dramatic as my chicken mango tango, but they're quite a treat.
Treat this recipe as a basic template from which to have a blast mixing and matching different meats with different cheeses.
Brushed on during the last minutes in the oven, it turns the bronzed skin into a much-coveted treat.
Neural implants will treat tremors, paralysis, and even memory loss.
Most people need three or four drugs to treat it, and only about one-third are well-controlled on medicines.
Doctors might then better understand how to prevent such harm and how to treat patients exposed to deleterious chemicals.
But the experts haven't yet learned how to treat the disease effectively, so the breakthrough is bittersweet for the two sisters.
One way to slow its spread is to treat infected birds with amantadine, an antiviral drug meant for humans.
As a result, brain problems are tough to diagnose and to treat.
His answer may inspire new pharmaceuticals that harness the brain's own regulatory chemistry to treat mental disorders.
Their immune systems were naive, they didn't know what the disease was, and they didn't know how to treat or prevent it.
It can make a thumb twitch, create the illusion of a flash of light, or even treat depression.
Instead of promoting drugs to treat diseases, they have begun to promote diseases to fit their drugs.
Difficult decisions will have to be made about how to allocate these limited resources to prevent and treat these three diseases.
The situation is comic, but the narration refuses to treat it that way.
He spoke not a word, yet he wagged his head with a grin, indicating that he would treat us in the same way.
The technology might be used to treat people suffering from drug intoxication, bloodstream infections, and certain cancers.
The level of detail could revolutionize epilepsy treatment by allowing for less invasive procedures to detect and treat seizures.
It helps prevent the development of cervical cancer by stopping viral infection--but it cannot treat existing cervical cancer.
The results point to a more effective way of studying cystic fibrosis and finding drugs to treat it.
Scientists developing drugs to treat lupus face a daunting set of challenges.
Understanding how blast waves damage the brain should help to diagnose, treat and prevent these injuries.
The company promises a huge potential payoff: the cells could one day be used to treat disease in the buyers or in their families.
Genetic information would help doctors select the right drugs to treat disease in a given patient.
When it comes down to it the big reasons for stem cell research is to use the technology to treat patents.
Carolyn was asked to sit down in the chair and pick a treat from a tray of marshmallows, cookies, and pretzel sticks.
No one's quite sure how best to treat it, largely because it's an ignored malady, an ignored problem.
The only point on which everyone agrees is that psychopathy is extremely difficult to treat.
The hugging machine is now being used to treat other autistic patients.
Treat the underlying problem, the thinking goes, and the nightmares should fade away.
Using simulation to treat a new generation of traumatized veterans.
But the happy few who came out for them got the double-dip treat they anticipated.
But it isn't, because people don't treat all windfalls as found money.
They treat their errors as jokes and forgive themselves instantly, instead of waiting to be forgiven by their teammates.
Discusses the conflicting interests and the manpower required to treat infested trees.
It is a special treat for photography lovers as well as jazz lovers.
But getting a well-crafted goal in the waning minutes of extra time to crown a champion is a rare and heart-pounding treat.
It's always a treat when the performers onstage call out audience members-mostly to see gage their ability to laugh at themselves.
They were designed to replicate the layers of real-life organisms and to be treated the way one would treat one's own body.
So don't treat me any differently than you would treat anybody else.
It's also worth mentioning that accidents involving horses are particularly difficult to treat.
He was not the first lobbyist to spread money around, or to throw fund-raisers, or to treat congressmen to exotic trips.
Every tournament does what it can to treat the players well, and they all do a good job.
The judge's prime objective is not to punish but to treat.
According to these experts, much more needs to be done to identify and treat insomnia early in its development.
Doctors knew that nicotine was addictive, and they had ways to treat the addiction.
Nobody is trying to stop the use of antibiotics to treat animal disease.
Instead they treat certain of his positions as though even discussing them is verboten.
Workouts are increasingly being used to treat symptoms for a wide variety of illnesses.

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