treasure hunt in a sentence

Example sentences for treasure hunt

One of my colleagues has her students do a grown-up version of a treasure hunt at the beginning of the semester.
His lack of any real discovery is perplexing in a book that purports to be about a veritable maritime treasure hunt.
Treasure hunt ends with a stunning fossil of a flying insect.
The program will be complemented by an interactive treasure hunt that integrates puzzles into the show's content.
Then, sort of digital treasure hunt for those giants can begin.
Many special guests from the world of words and puzzles will be there, as will a treasure hunt across the scenic lodge.
All the signs he had painstakingly described to me were appearing as if on a map of a great treasure hunt.
The city is one of the first to embrace the geocaching craze with an official citywide treasure hunt.
Now he has written a book that has readers participating in a nationwide treasure hunt.
Wednesdays are family days complete with a treasure hunt, free barbecue lunch, games and extended pool hours.
Now the simple act of catching public transport in this city has become a treasure hunt.
Treasurer's office goes on treasure hunt through unclaimed property.
The entire college was invited to a treasure hunt, picnic and square dance.
They were on a modern day treasure hunt, searching for those priceless pieces of the state that time and progress ignored.
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