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For thousands of years this sea treasure has been highly prized.
He told me that he had come into possession of an old treasure map.
In fact, not to do so amounts to squandering a great national treasure.
But, sadly for those who treasure these curiosities, they seem to be dying out.
Take the treasure hunting quiz, an interactive game on travel trivia.
Natural compounds have proven to be a treasure trove of medicinal properties.
Get your own copy of this recently conserved treasure.
The real treasure trove was to be found in the students' innovations.
It proposed a sovereign-wealth fund in which to house the treasure.
Movie mummies are known for two things: fabulous riches and a nasty curse that brings treasure hunters to a bad end.
But in a few caves the conditions were ideal for formation of a different kind of treasure.
It's a world full of wonder and excitement and treasure.
Still, moms and dads surely aren't the only ones deserving of such a treasure.
The president-elect was chosen to stop wasting blood and treasure on foreign wars and start fixing what's broken at home.
Of course, treasure hunters aren't interested in tugboats.
The whole fun of the project was the hunt for buried treasure.
Deep under the ocean's surface lies a treasure trove of new life forms, fuel sources and knowledge.
Geocaching, for those who might not know, is an outdoor activity best described as a treasure hunt.
If you don't value faculty members and treasure time spent with them, don't become a dean.
After a bit of sketching, she made a decision and as a result was able to find the treasure in her first attempt at digging.
The program will be complemented by an interactive treasure hunt that integrates puzzles into the show's content.
His lack of any real discovery is perplexing in a book that purports to be about a veritable maritime treasure hunt.
To their great delight, the fortress is full of treasure.
Stepping off the road near the rise of a small ridge, they dug a pit and buried a stash of treasure in the ground.
They maintain a web site that is a treasure trove of advising information and resources.
Imagine finding over five million dollars' worth of buried treasure in a farmer's field.
Try to find treasure in this hands-on excavation experience.
The fact that its occupation of a treasure house keeps the public out is a trickier subject.
How this mask attained treasure status in the first place is a tale of another sort.
The object of the game is to advance your piece through a maze to find a specific set of treasure.
Apparently the fruit's sweet, creamy center is a treasure worth pursuing if you can bear the stink and get past the spiky husk.
Magazines cannot present all the new knowledge becoming available, although the magazine is a treasure.
There is treasure in every room, except for the starting point.
Get a bunch of treasure early on and you can use all your actions to run for the exit, but you'll be running more slowly.
He braved the harshest of conditions, threats of violence, and the intrigue that roiled the treasure hunting of his day.
Those that want to wade thru the swamp to find hidden treasure can do so.
And it may finally enable higher education to become the national treasure it claims to be.
Besides, he thinks the gold isn't that kind of treasure.
But there is no tax on the knowledge that the compensation exists and that it is not desirable to dig up treasure.
Woe be to any one who would have attempted to disturb the buried treasure.
Flat art is a treasure trove of information about how vision works, he says.
And if so much treasure is required, then the data must be viewable by all and overwhelming.
Surely blood and treasure are worthy of more attention than they've been getting in this campaign.
Often, these expeditions are privately financed, speculative ventures which amount to little more than treasure-hunting.
Counter-insurgency campaigns typically take many years, cost a fortune in blood and treasure and end in failure.
The biggest websites have long recognised that information itself is their biggest treasure.
The structure stands not only as a magnificent architectural treasure but also as a complex accretion of myth, symbol and history.
My satisfaction is more about peeking into the moment that they treasure than the perfection of the page.
Because of this, they're a treasure trove of personal information--and likely the next battleground for computer security.
All of the characters' levels, equipment, and treasure are stored in the toy allowing you to take them with you.
Still, the treasure troves on both sides and on the lower level are downright exciting.
The site is a treasure trove of currency information, including historical conversion rates.
Take the living room, for example, a taxidermy treasure-trove.
Now, a new national law aims to protect the national treasure, though the first penalties have been relatively mild.
Pull together facts and data, and sort through them to discover treasure.
In the pre-digital music world, acquiring music below the mainstream radar involved something akin to a treasure hunt.
They were on a modern day treasure hunt, searching for those priceless pieces of the state that time and progress ignored.

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