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Since the president is sworn to protect the country from all enemies, his failure to do so is treason.
As far as any science is concerned, he committed high treason, and he should be dealt with accordingly.
It would be a treason to my first consciousness to un-Jew myself.
Seventy opposition leaders were charged with treason.
Sending these messages east and west was illegal-treason, in fact-but it was also clearly moral in its primal impulse.
They regarded secession as treason, and emancipation as a noble cause.
Treason in the executive branch of the government was estopped.
The purpose of that was not specifically to define treason, but to limit what it was.
Trapped in the hellish flames of treason their words fan.
Perhaps she does not with to rest her case for the meaning of treason upon one or two traitors.
Treason against the state shall consist only in levying war against it, adhering to its enemies or giving them aid and comfort.
In another country he would have already been executed for treason.
Many have since been charged with treason and genocide.
But it was understood to be justified especially in treason cases, and where time was of the essence.
Accusing someone of a crime, even treason, while serious is not a gaffe.
Such matters are top secret and imparting such information would be treason.
There, he accused the officers of treason and plotting a coup, and said they had been misled by opposition political parties.
Perry yesterday made a mistake saying that printing money is treason.
To prove it, he painted one during his trial, and was then imprisoned for forgery rather than treason.
Opposition leaders were accused of hugely inflated crimes, such as high treason and genocide.

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