treadle in a sentence

Example sentences for treadle

The artisans who make this jacket create the pattern freehand as they guide the garment through a treadle-operated sewing machine.
Sample a sugar cane drink fresh from the treadle operated press.
Underneath the table is an electric battery or a treadle, according to the power used in moving the cylinder.
The beam is broken and an electrical signal is generated when an axle crosses the treadle.
The wooden foot-treadle spinning wheel is powered by the spinner's foot rather than a motor or the spinner's hand.
The patch machine shall be guarded to prevent the operator's hands entering the punch area, and the foot treadle shall be guarded.
The treadle valve supply lines in the cab had been cut for removal of the valve and oil was found inside the lines.
The initial application of the brake treadle valve is regenerative.
The treadle displacement was converted to actual displacement via an electro-mechanical servo.

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