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On the other hand, you're likely to tread on ripe figs when they drop onto the ground and melt into a puddle of sticky syrup.
Yep, you could hike around here all summer long and never tread the same path twice.
And they tread on the toes of their elders, unaware that they have done so.
Part of becoming a scholar is developing the confidence to tread on unsure ground, and thus to run the risk of making mistakes.
One of graduate students' hardest lessons is how to tread water in a vast sea of text.
Find out what makes up your human footprint and get tips on how to tread more lightly.
To extricate it, engineers had to dig out snow and mud under a bent tank tread.
He is wearing tire-tread sandals and tattered brown shorts.
Some of its backcountry has almost never felt the tread of a human foot.
The ribs run in different directions on either side of the wheel so no rotation or twisting of the tread occurs.
Now, if you really can't sleep at night without spilling the beans, tread lightly.
Wrap that film around a couple of rollers, tank tread-style, and you've got a wall-climbing robot.
They also have some extra reinforcement, with an anti-flat layer under the tread and two layers of rubber around the sidewalls.
Special tread on the pads provides traction on almost any surface.
Where a non-gambler fears to tread, the compulsive gambler may rush in.
Ie, the hub might turn a bit before the tread starts turning.
So sure lets be careful and tread lightly but oil is cool stuff.
And you live in a fantasy world where proof dare not tread upon your pre-existing beliefs.
Most tire users think little of any part of the tire except the tread.
Where truth fears to tread, fashion rushes in, only too happy to cast off messy details in the name of high-contrast drama.
In fact, the choreographer has made a career tackling spaces on which few dare to tread, let alone dance.
They rustle to the eddying gust, and to the rabbit's tread.
In the new wars hum of motors and the tread of rubber tires.
Having incurred smaller losses than rivals, it is still prepared to deploy risk capital where others fear to tread.
To be a chief executive, you need to know how not to tread on anyone's toes on the way up.
The government, which admits that it initially understood the disease only sketchily, is trying to tread gently.
The government requires that every tire have its tread life, temperature, and traction rating molded into its sidewall.
We should always tread carefully with counterfactuals.
No foot moves with firmer tread than his over that dim twilight region which lies between the seen and the unseen.
By then, a tire's built-in tread-wear warning bars are showing.
No clear cause has been determined as to why the recalled tires lose their tread, often resulting in rollover accidents.
Stocks tread water, waiting for stimulus, bank plan.
Avoiding athletic shoes with overly aggressive tread patterns designed for outdoor use minimizes the chance of tripping as well.
Fox rises, and the other cable networks barely tread water.
When the stakes are immortality or ignominy, you tread carefully.

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