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Too bad many of the mines are in regions too dangerous or geographically treacherous for companies to set up camp.
The conversation about the value of a degree has taken a treacherous turn.
Also, those mentors can help weed out the treacherous people to work for.
Chaos villains are an especially treacherous breed because of their random words and actions.
The trails into and through the valley were spectacularly scenic, but also treacherous.
He examined his patriotic endeavors and his treacherous actions too.
Scientific research has its own geography, with well-explored continents and treacherous peaks.
They are often spiced with illicit videotapes, treacherous testimony by former confederates, and even covert wiretapping.
Many will do whatever it takes, often risking their lives by crossing treacherous terrain.
Even the final two weeks, with the weather warming into the teens, proved treacherous.
The path became too treacherous to follow in darkness.
Everyone is armed, the weather is treacherous and there are always wild animals nearby.
Treacherous shoals and reefs can be found along the continental shelf.
The potholes are still treacherous, and the old wooden houses are weathered and listing.
As a treacherous slog through deep, unmapped, toxic-fume-filled caverns.
It is a treacherous wave, with the reef only inches beneath the water, with many cracks and caves.
We're back on the ship after treacherous swimming through crashing waves.
But the heart of the people was incurably false, incurably treacherous and debased.
For a while, she tried driving, but found that her fatigue at the end of the day made the trip treacherous.
Record snowfall has created spectacular waterfalls in the park, but it's a treacherous beauty.
Not only is cliff jumping treacherous, but it is also prohibited.
For younger kids, try short trails and don't venture into treacherous territory unless there's more than one adult in the group.
During cold weather there is ice covering nearly every surface, making even a simple bridge crossing a treacherous activity.
The streets become treacherous, and the event is astounding to behold.
Situated at a particularly narrow and deep part of the river, the area is quite treacherous.
Everyone knows that the other guy probably doesn't have those same treacherous genes.
If the jurisprudence of gun control is treacherous, the politics are a nightmare.
When the fighting is on the ground, it is more treacherous and does claim marine lives.
But the cities are small and scattered widely across the state, and this time of year the roads tend to be icy and treacherous.
Amid the southern gloom there was one ray of light, though it may prove treacherous.
The outlaw and friend set off to capture the treacherous gang.
Those locker-lined hallways can be treacherous if your looks or personality or interests deviate from the norm.
The road can be a treacherous, foreboding place for any aspiring midlevel college football team.
Storm causes airport delays and treacherous traffic.
The well-to-do have partaken of those treacherous loans as well.
Below us are traces of lower trails, narrow and treacherous paths used by workmen who needed to be closer to the river.
But the city has already taken the first step on that long and treacherous yellow brick road.
But it would be a politically treacherous move that would not affect only the wealthy.
Fine drifts can refreeze on pavements to form treacherous, unexpected patches of ice.
Drivers typically work long shifts under treacherous conditions.
Its treacherous bunkers, lush fairways, and rolling greens offer a challenging adventure.
The area is known to be treacherous because of flowing water that can make it difficult for ice to thicken to safe levels.
Most chose to go around it, but the road was treacherous resulting in many mishaps.
Prisoners trying to escape often drowned in the river's treacherous waters.
After the earthquake, these paths were even more treacherous.
Professionals will know the river and will know where the treacherous logjams common at this time of year are located.
These elements make for treacherous biking conditions.
The storm created blowing and drifting snow and icy roadways-conditions treacherous for drivers.
From the nation's earliest days, transporting people and goods often meant undertaking long, treacherous voyages.
Wading is easy on the south end of the pond but can be treacherous on the north end due to the soft bottom.
Strong currents and intemperate weather often combine with natural hazards to make treacherous crossings.
Despite his great abilities and important service, he is a treacherous guide in determining the limits of presidential power.
Rosemary has great charm as a plant but in cookery it is treacherous herb.

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