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Each tray had ten raisins divided in different ways between two pots-say eight and two, or five and five.
Please ensure that your seat belt is fastened, your seat back is upright and your tray-table is stowed.
If completely dry they are gathered immediately, and if not they are laid onto a continuous paper tray in the vineyard to dry.
The build tray then descends, a new liquid surface is applied and the process is repeated.
The panel on the climbing robot, about the size of a coffee tray, harvested enough power to run a small lawnmower.
Some cinemas have replaced rows of seats with widely spaced reclining chairs, with tray tables and waiter service.
The outside of the pots are also doused in the water, which drains down into the slats of a wooden tray.
Once the winners of yesterday's election have worked out how to share the spoils of victory, they face a daunting in-tray.
Put the tray back into the freezer for three minutes for the ice cream to harden.
Unlike a table on a sailboat, an airplane tray requires no gimbals.
Carolyn was asked to sit down in the chair and pick a treat from a tray of marshmallows, cookies, and pretzel sticks.
Carter tore his bag along the seams and placed it on his tray table as a kind of plate.
The door opens and a waiter brings in a tray of beer.
The gummy edge makes it easy to prop the tablet up on a table or desk, or even those fold-out tray tables on the airplane.
Overfilling the tray is another cause of breakdowns.
Finally, when the multi-tasking tray is open, you'll see a button on each app that lets you quit it.
There's a small indentation on the top that serves as a chalk tray.
His meals were served on a tray, and a footman looked after him.
We smile to each other from our parallel mats, the pipe and tray of implements between us.
The secret tray in the sole slides out to hold personal items and slides back in to make sure no one knows they're there.
Three times a day, a tray of food is delivered and is eaten alone.
Guests can summon the butler, who then appears at the door with a selection of perfumes and colognes on a silver tray.
When the guest is done spraying, the fragrance butler takes the tray away.
Expect to see new art that reflects the room's color choice, as well as new towels, amenity tray and towel rack.
When you scroll over any seed in the tray, you can see a seed's genetic background in terms of which two plants produced it.
If you don't want to leave your car and go in, pull up outside and get your order delivered on a tray right to your window.
If you order one, it may be brought live to your table on a tray for inspection, then removed to the kitchen to be cooked.
Once frozen solid, remove the cubes from the ice tray and freeze in a plastic bag.
McDonald's uses recycled material in its napkins, tray liners, meal boxes and its carryout trays and bags.
Folded down, it becomes an arm rest, cup holder and tray.
Underfloor cable tray system for cable management under two computer room floors.

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