trawl in a sentence

Example sentences for trawl

They order the results by price and trawl through the list until they have spent their allowance.
Many have been snared by gill and trawl nets with only a few hundred surviving.
The second unknown squid lost its tentacles in the trawl net.
It is too large for scientists to trawl the entire surface.
Restaurants and hotels are having to trawl for staff all over the world.
Some of its workers, they maintain, find it easier to crib names from the phone book than to trawl around looking for real voters.
They'd stop to go to the opera and trawl for antiques.
The system would also trawl local news reports for similar cases.
Clearly, they help to stimulate discussion and marshal action, and they let governments trawl for and test proposals.
But particular industries have other reasons for broadening their recruitment trawl.
With the twin trawl technique, much better statistics are obtained and fewer trawls are necessary.
Design of a proposed research survey bottom trawl to conduct standardized resource surveys on a newly designed research vessel.
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