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Research methods, especially statistics, are particularly apt to traverse disciplinary boundaries.
These are main, federal roads that traverse the state.
Now in his second term, he continues to traverse the state, staying in local homes instead of hotels.
In the past, scientists have studied various factors that limit our ability to traverse the required lightyears.
Nerve impulses traverse the body through a vast system of neurons laid out end to end, not quite touching.
One can then derive the speed of sound from a measurement of the time that an impulse of sound takes to traverse the tube.
The researchers' calculations suggest that flying actually requires one and a half times the energy of a conventional traverse.
The two waves interfere with each other as they traverse the same space, producing the wave interference pattern.
Science can map the topography of the landscape and help us to traverse it, efficiently ascending peaks of well-being.
Scientists believe that this change occurs in the synapses, the tiny gaps between neurons that neurotransmitters traverse.
With more slits, the photon would simultaneously traverse even more paths.
At some point, the universe will be adding more space faster than a photon traveling at c can traverse that space.
Pacifica, blackbirds traverse an intriguing spectrum of new.

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