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If you are travelling to a conference, you might decide to stay at the conference hotel.
After all, the proposed test relies on a theory of how particles ought to behave if travelling faster than light.
Fish travelling through flood waters disperse seeds.
Volunteers had to estimate which of the two was travelling faster.
Any intelligent life form will know that travelling to another biosphere will result in catastrophic and rapid evolution.
Light travelling down the fiber stays inside because it is reflected off the interface between the two layers.
They also get red shift because the photons loose energy due to travelling against gravity.
The same energy and matter travelling a shorter distance equals a faster completion of that distance.
We were really pumped about travelling along on this voyage.
Depends on distance you are travelling and flight schedules, as well.
Travelling with less weight means more energy saved.
Travelling to see relatives overseas will rarely happen.
Shopping, travelling and real money proved far more tempting than idealism.
Buy plane tickets or sort out accommodation if your travelling.
As for not travelling by car, so much the better: your hands are free.
It is driver-only travelling which should be discouraged in favour of car-sharing.
He is also travelling and won't be reachable for a few days.
The bigger catch is that you won't know the name of the airline you are travelling on till the time you are booked up.
Let us imagine ourselves transferred to our old friend the railway carriage, which is travelling at a uniform rate.
The latter is characteristic of a tsunami, conserving energy after travelling thousands of kilometres through water.
His idea is that this kind of network is similar to one formed by cars travelling through a system of roads.
And remember that there are two beams travelling in opposite direction.
Something that big travelling that fast is going to release a lot of energy when it hits.
It has no curvature, therefore there's no way by travelling in a single direction you could ever return to your starting point.
As he was away travelling when the car was ready to be delivered, he let me pick it up.
What is more, they were in perfect agreement with levels expected for neutrinos travelling within a whisker of the speed of light.
They did it by apparently travelling faster than the speed of light.
The cotton industry has carried on travelling: its technology moves easily to wherever labour costs are low.
What is more, they are travelling on their own dime, hoping they will be reimbursed when the shutdown ends.
The monsoon seems to be weakening, travelling less far inland and dumping its rainfall on the coasts.
The distance and cost of travelling to a city will naturally depend on where you are coming from.
Because the light is travelling through cables, the new device is much less likely to go out of alignment.
Diagram of earthquake sound travelling to hydrophone.

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