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The only way to travel greener might be to bicycle or walk-but the trip is long enough as it is.
Cruise lines reduce their rates and those of their travel agency partners to ensure ships don't tour the seas empty.
We had a great time, and people in the travel business know that can add a lot of fun to a trip.
We asked readers to submit essays about why they travel.
One of the perks of academia is the opportunity for occasional travel to conferences, archives, or field-work.
We will never travel the speed of light or even half the speed of light or one thousandths the speed of light.
Cooler temperatures, striking colors, smaller crowds-Autumn is the perfect time to travel.
From their size, bacteria don't look the the sort of organisms to travel far.
Without questions, air travel delays are out of control.
We asked readers to submit their best travel photos and share the back story.
To apply for one of the free tickets you'll have to explain your travel plans and what you expect to get out of the visit.
See how you measure up against others, and how changes at home or in travel choices could do tons to protect the atmosphere.
Surfing currents allows crocodiles to travel long distances.
The researchers also considered whether their model allows time travel.
Air travel is often nasty, brutish, long and unprofitable.
Nitrogen is thus denser than helium and sound waves travel through it more slowly than they do in helium.
Successful desert travel often calls for caching of water beforehand.
First, light doesn't need a medium to travel though, in a sense it is its own medium.
To make it travel more efficiently, researchers blasted a short burst of sound at an electron trapped in an energy well.
Because the distance and the component of gravity decrease by the same factor, the travel time ends up being the same.
Typically, a low-energy neutrino will travel through many light-years of normal matter before interacting with anything.
We already folded time and space successfully and travel through it daily.
If you travel in space, you also travel in time bec spacetime is inseparable.
And they always travel at the speed of light for the medium through which they travel.
Migratory birds travel vast distances as they move between their summer and winter homes.
The problems included expensive hookups and low travel range.
In the book one finds also a good explanation why time travel is impossible.
They rely on scraps of food from the daily commuters who travel the public transportation system.
We have to often travel with the whole family to conferences and other work related visits.
She had a long commitment to learning through travel.
Negotiate either funds to travel outside to do your book purchases or ensure that your salary takes this into account.
And there is a literature of pie-cutting theory, in which cuts begin at the center and travel radially outward.
No spot on the planet is too remote for the movement that has changed the face of leisure travel.
Share your best travel photos and tell us the back story.
About the middle of the nineteenth century, readable books of travel multiply with increasing facilities for travel.
The ordinary fibre trunk is good for rail and steamer travel, but it is absolutely unpractical for mule-back or canoe.
All wanted to see him, and as soon as permission to travel was granted several managed to reach his camp.
These works met with gratifying success, and the author was now able to indulge in farther travel.
Activating the travel tab puts you in a full-service reservation system.
Another day, another fancy travel charger for your gadgets.
Depending on how long you want to linger, you can travel it in a fast week or a more relaxing two.
In this region, nothing can travel faster than light--relative to observers inside the bubble.
The drive to be green has swept through all kinds of travel now, from urban hotels to sleek trains.
In addition to minimizing travel, here are some of the umpire constraints.
Human space travel will become feasible as soon as there are economic benefits to be derived.
Fascinating fiction and a wholly believable premise for instantaneous travel.
Those photons travel out toward a star and their path is bent a little.
But as the sun edges toward the horizon, the light must travel increasingly longer paths and is scattered by more air molecules.
Pathogens-microscopic organisms that cause disease-can spread in a variety of ways, from air travel to shipping.
Travel videos range in quality from those shot as home movies, to videos that are aired on television.
Savvy travelers favor air travel because it's faster and less accident prone than other methods of travel.
At one time, car travel was always less expensive but less convenient than air travel.
The nature of academic work makes holiday travel likely, whether for conferences or for family.
The program seems to be a for-profit study-and-travel abroad program.
His result may mean that many ordinary, non-spore-forming microbes could travel within meteoroids.
The air on top actually gets to the trailing edge sooner than the air on the bottom, because it really does travel faster.
Time travel to the past is more problematic, but there is nothing in the known laws of physics to prevent it.
If you want to travel into the future, all you have to do is wait.
Commercial space travel is now almost within reach of ordinary citizens.
When and if beings travel here from another star, they will be much farther advanced than us.
The current thinking in physics is that time travel might actually be possible.
Everyone knows about the horrors of modern air travel.
Recalling the splendid isolation of travel by freighter.
They are matched by the problems involved in what might be called the housekeeping aspects of space travel.
For about a century before the bridge's construction, ferries were the primary means of travel across the bay.
Even now, when he was told he was allowed to travel, he was reminded that he was not free.
He has written seven travel books and a novel, though which is which one cannot readily say.
People travel between counties the way they used to travel between neighborhoods.
Winner and travel companion must be available to travel on the same itinerary.
In his time machine, he's more likely to travel to the fifteenth century than to the twenty-seventh.
Her husband works for a travel agency that specializes in trips abroad and is away from home half the year.
The kids paid eight hundred and seventy-five dollars each for the five days, sans travel or lodging.
One had to travel, sometimes an hour or more, to see the oil-one had to hunt for it.
From the late fifties through the late sixties, it was relatively easy for my father to travel.
What they're saying is that it's possible to travel into the future without being present during the time in between.
Participants will receive personalized information such as travel-time estimates and traffic speeds along relevant routes.
Waves create bulges inside the tube that travel along it and drive a turbine attached at the other end.
The ramps allow individual pods to stop at a station while others pods continue to travel at top speed along the main track.
V ideo teleconferencing is often touted for its potential to promote better communications and curb expensive travel.
First is free flow in which the density of traffic is low enough to allow vehicles to travel at the maximum speed allowed.
Three-dimensional chips can handle data more efficiently because data has to travel less distance to reach a different component.
The strange thing about neutrinos is that once created, they change from one flavour to another as they travel.
Click on the timeline, and you can travel back to before you accidentally deleted a key paragraph in that annual report.
Travel across the world to meet a diverse group of artisans committed to keeping ancient food traditions alive.
But if they don't have the ability to travel here, skeptics remind us, then they aren't here at all.
It is, as it sounds, the strangest travel book ever written.
They declined, saying that they were in poor health and couldn't travel.
Maybe that it took five seconds for a kick to travel from my fanny to my brain.
That's why the travel they prefer is going to the kitchen to see if there is any baked ham and cold beer left in the fridge.
He also receives hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for travel expenses related to his job.
That's an important lesson for life, as well as travel.
If you temporarily travel away from your tax home, you can use this chapter to determine if you have deductible travel expenses.
US government's official travel advice and travel warnings.
Routine vaccines are recommended even if you do not travel.
There are a number of different sets of policies and guidelines that pertain to travel.
Find statewide travel information as well as location specific information.
Includes a checklist and a travel health kit for pregnant travelers.

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