travail in a sentence

Example sentences for travail

In these and many other respects, travel has resumed its ancient meaning, of travail.
Dogs, anchored in the present, know no such travail.
Students are smart enough to see the pressures under which their faculty mentors travail.
If there is one thing the long travail of the last four presidencies has taught us, it is to be skeptical of the easy answer.
At length, after much travail and these debates, all things were got ready and provided.
Mark now what profit they took of this one occasion through diligence and earnest travail.

Famous quotes containing the word travail

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There is a wonderful, but neglected precision in these words. The old English noun "travel" (in the sense of a journey) ... more
It breaks his heart that kings must murder still, That all his hours of travail here for men Seem yet in va... more
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