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Point being, yes, traumatic violent events are important to consider.
For such people, shopping for clothes can be tiresome, or even traumatic.
When and if fundamental change does come, it will be traumatic and almost certainly violent.
Time travel would likely be a fairly traumatic experience, leaving you groggy, maybe with some short-term memory loss.
Often the response to the bill from a hospital can be more traumatic than the visit itself.
My hopes for this being a less traumatic experience were wavering.
Difficult ones can be traumatic and a major cause of brain damage.
More troops surviving injuries means traumatic damage, often to the face or extremities, that's in need of repair.
Anyway, something that doesn't get emphasized enough by health care workers: major surgery is majorly traumatic.
Beta-blocking drugs used to treat high blood pressure may also dampen the emotional toll of traumatic memories, researchers say.
One on one killing is an even more traumatic situation.
When something that traumatic happens in your life, it takes time to come to terms with it.
We build a story around our daily hypnotic induction especially when traumatic.
Low-tech emergency room therapies can stem the damage from traumatic brain injuries.
The initial stages of a micro-organism changing hosts is traumatic for both.
Sonny's first experience with humans from animal control was traumatic for the pup.
While tripping out, they'll be asked to revisit the traumatic experiences that triggered their disorder.
My wounds included a crushed skull and right hand, traumatic brain injury and the loss of both my eyes.
More traumatic change to the code has come from external pressures.
The nylon webbing helps prevent a severed spinal cord in the event of traumatic deceleration.
The confirmation process has been getting ever longer and more traumatic.
Pumps out rich sound with detailed separation at low, medium, and traumatic brain injury inducing volumes.
As a result, the dragon's awakening is more traumatic for the rest of the world.
All mammals use platelets to help prevent blood loss after traumatic injury.
Having their house invaded is clearly traumatic for them.
Without sustained social interaction, the human brain may become as impaired as one that has incurred a traumatic injury.
Among its causes is making sure that military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder are not denied access to guns.
One of the challenges with post-traumatic stress disorder, for example, is getting veterans to seek treatment at all.
The results of such findings can be both traumatic and costly.
Cap becomes more self-conscious, more socially aware-all the while wrestling with post-traumatic stress disorder.
Or perhaps you're still recovering from a traumatic encounter with a mouthful of gristle.
In fact, diabetes is the leading cause of non-traumatic lower-limb amputation.
And post-traumatic stress can take a devastating toll on families and add pressure on already-burdened health services.
One friend jokingly said the article had triggered flashbacks of traumatic, long-blocked memories.
Therefore, as is true for many traumatic experiences, punishment can be subject to repression.
As a result they endured even traumatic misfortune without seeking professional help.
Embroiled in a lawsuit with his university, he sees a doctor for post-traumatic stress disorder.
Students and professors who experienced traumatic events raise the need for university psycho-social services.
Others target bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Even when tenure is not traumatic, there can be a significant post-tenure letdown.
While this is a natural cycle, it has a particularly traumatic effect on a population that has been unnaturally reduced in size.
Often, it's layers of previous experiences that build up and are then triggered by one particularly traumatic experience.
Military-backed efforts to find an effective treatment for post-traumatic stress are making sluggish progress.
Losing a job often means losing health insurance too, making unemployment doubly traumatic.
They also voice concerns about the number of returning veterans with brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Later these memories can return as a painful part of post-traumatic stress disorder.
Although many cases have been explained by post-traumatic stress disorder, roughly a fifth remain undiagnosed.
Post-traumatic stress disorder is a type of anxiety disorder.
Others are panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Prisoners suffer disproportionately from past traumatic brain injuries.
Post-traumatic stress can only be labeled a month after an event.
His family tree clearly showed that the traumatic group are more closely related to each other than to the ring species.
And in modern psychiatric parlance, the long-lasting residue of horror is called post-traumatic stress disorder.
Reducing fear has implications for treating post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, and addiction.
Primarily obsessive-compulsive neurosis and anxiety disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorders.
The gunny suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, a pathological form of anxiety.
Doctors don't want people to regain awareness during surgery because the experiences may be frightening and even traumatic.
Villa had spent the past three years in a coma, after a car crash left him with traumatic brain injuries.
Stabilizing gels and gums minimize the traumatic effects.
For many couples, the decision of whether and how much to reduce is traumatic.
So when they go under the knife its incredibly traumatic.
People probably don't realize it, but getting cancer can be really traumatic.
It was a traumatic time for their whole social group.
As if the loss of a father weren't traumatic enough, the illness had caught the family in a bad phase financially.
The accident left her nearly paralyzed, with traumatic brain injuries, as well as a skull and several facial fractures.
The growing concern over concussions has ushered in new products designed to prevent or treat the mild traumatic brain injuries.
Or it might have been that the course workers were suffering from post-traumatic stress from the sight of the thing.

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