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The cause has not yet been determined but preliminary laboratory tests revealed acute physical trauma.
But recovering from the physical and mental trauma of its punishing blows can present formidable challenges.
Most mental conditions can be traced back to some trauma.
Many of them had suffered long periods of mental trauma during their early marriages.
Trauma and personal loss obviously play a role in this, but the decimation of the city's physical environment surely does as well.
Pathological studies showed no evidence of physical trauma or disease.
Do not try to compensate for their trauma by coddling or being physical.
And because they don't themselves experience the pain, they must rely on their subjective intuition about the resulting trauma.
But they think it was the physical trauma of being sucked through the brushes that gave fleas a one-way ticket to the chitin-yard.
People with that type of physical trauma rarely became patients.
If poorly administered they could induce severe trauma.
As far as our neurons are concerned, emotional distress is physical trauma.
Head-trauma patients with less severe impairments may one day benefit as well, he says.
One of the injured, said the hospital director, had severe brain trauma and was not expected to survive another night.
Pain and trauma have always been part of having an operation.
For years, therapy has been about discussing and reliving your trauma.
Read all the posts about the trauma of the job situation on this forum.
My trauma occurred at three years of age, and was extreme, lasting for many days.
The information could help battlefield medics make quicker, more accurate diagnoses of combat trauma.
The right degree of cortical cooling has proven effective, but cortical hyperthermia can actually worsen cortical trauma.
When medics are treating trauma patients, every second counts.
In this example you can see the normal process of recovery from trauma reflected in the client s dreams.
So, the marrow transplant is healing the unresolved trauma in the immune system.
Such discoveries have helped researchers better understand learning impairments and emotional trauma.
The remainder of deaths are from trauma caused by hitting trees and rocks on the way down.
For the first time, a therapy had been proved to reduce dysfunction caused by spinal cord trauma.
One of the rescued females appeared to be suffering from cold trauma.
And it can worsen the situation if you don't know what you're doing since there is the risk of intensifying the trauma.
Accomplishments can happen in someone facing trauma and overreaction.
Internationally known trauma experts taught at local universities.
The trauma center was in many ways well-provisioned.
For technology vendors, he thinks, this is the sort of trauma that precedes a paradigm shift.
Yet these same soldiers must move on, despite psychic trauma.
The thing that is still striking to me, though, was how the trauma radiated through the family.
The protective instinct that the trauma encouraged seems now to be resurfacing.
Ah, sweet mysteries of historical trauma and memory.
It is well known that the consequent trauma led businesses and people to repay all their debts as fast as possible.
In my opinion the concept of trauma involves such a relationship to an otherwise efficacious barrier.
The members of his hospital's trauma team went swiftly into action.
As is common, it was set off by a trauma: her longterm boyfriend died.
It was, coincidentally, a moment of national trauma.
These people seem unable to ever recover from having that trauma.
The debate over the impact of repeated head trauma on the lives of football players can no longer really be called a debate.
Today, of course, the league touts its proactive stance toward brain trauma.
We were rooted, without unusual trauma, in the here and now.
Her subject is post traumatic stress disorder, and she couldn't help but focus on her trauma.
Two years of economic trauma have fed a nationwide resentment.
It's true, of course, that it is on individual bodies that the trauma of hunger is written.
Faced with uncertainty, whether it be a spell of dry weather or the trauma of being left out on the kitchen counter, they panic.
Early trauma and enduring or chronic trauma certainly warps your brain.
In this way, those with complicated grief finally acquire the capacity to withstand their trauma.
Head trauma can cause shearing of the otoliths from the hair cells.
Whether it is worth making a dissertation the central drama, or trauma of one's life, is a matter each candidate must evaluate.
They also learn other applications, such as how to perform an ultrasound to see if trauma patients are bleeding internally.
They fail more when subjected to pressure or trauma.
If you haven't actually lost a tooth due to trauma or decay.
How medics treat trauma, asthma and other medical emergencies also matters.
It seems clear to me that consumption preferences and behaviors have changed after the trauma of the credit crunch.
Susceptibility to trauma-ranging from propeller damage to gunshot wounds-did not rise with inbreeding.
Caution is understandable, after the trauma of this year.
We help survivors of trafficking and other abuses recover from trauma and report crimes to the police.
When an outbreak occurs against a backdrop of social trauma, it can go on for months or longer.
Another is that the two buildings are only minutes apart so the artwork suffered little transport trauma or environmental stress.
The frequency of conditions as diverse as stroke and trauma is being gradually checked.
He died en route to the hospital from trauma wounds to his head.
Water-boarding can result in damage to the lungs and the brain, as well as long-term psychological trauma.
The colonization of the mind still persisted, with trauma right below the surface.
These are people who lived in the area and had to endure the trauma of the tsunami and likely lost friends and family.
When attacked, a lizard releases its tail either by direct trauma or sometimes before it is even touched.
If the bottles break, they may give rise to sharp trauma.
The spots may represent scar tissue or fluid-filled spaces that form when brain tissue breaks down following head trauma.
About cosmic interlopers causing great damage and human trauma.
The answer is to prevent heat shock, the trauma that ice cream suffers when it is allowed to melt and refreeze.
The first was likely a random trauma, but the second probably had a major selective pressure as well.
The condition usually crops up among adults, and its cause is unknown, although sometimes trauma or drugs are involved.
CT is absolutely necessary with head trauma and acute abdominal conditions.
Better body armor and trauma care mean new life for thousands of soldiers who would have died in any earlier war.
Depression is a common problem that can occur following trauma.
Information regarding traumatic stress, for the people who are working with trauma survivors.
People who experience homelessness also often have histories of trauma.

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