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She taught me that books--even trashy ones--were to be valued, and that time spent reading was never wasted.
At the proms my kids attended a few years ago, the dresses looked mostly trashy.
Things go swimmingly until her husband buys the film rights and decides to turn it into a trashy movie.
He has written his trashy, vicious people so that they are clinically interesting.
It uses the trashy tropes of the tabloids to make a universal statement about prejudice and acceptance.
He is always nibbling chocolates, loves trashy television and appears awestruck by a popular novelist or a rock star.
For what it's worth, the early reviews are about what you'd expect: the series sounds a little trashy, a little contrived.
Renters are far more likely to be trashy and inconsiderate.
The land lady was going to brick it over since the current tenants didn't maintain it and she didn't want it to look trashy.
Universally recognized as a symbol of anger, hatred and contempt, it is regarded across cultures as trashy and immature.
They're always way over the top, trashy and never match.
For lack of a better word, it seemed a bit trashy for this resort.
Her friend and eventual husband encourages her to write a sensitive memoir instead of trashy fiction.
It's a horror scenario, but one that's mounted without the trashy thrills provided by lesser moviemakers.
She'd been aware of how trashy her name had become, licensed to far too many products of dubious quality.
They drive me crazy, mostly because they look so trashy.
The imagination is a little trashy and roaming and undisciplined.
Truth be told, there was nothing trashy about that fish, either.
Which looks striving and trashy, defeating the whole snobbish purpose of the effort.
Combine that with our trashy and shallow and all pervasive entertainment culture.
What seems trashy in one context seems worthwhile in another.
It's sad that her fans are amused by her trashy mouth.
Trashy roads deter tourists and businesses from returning or doing business in our state.
Weedy vegetation against structures tends to make the entire area appear untidy and trashy.

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