trashed in a sentence

Example sentences for trashed

The mummy was lying in a tomb that had been trashed in ancient times by robbers.
Many of these people said they had trashed the email without reading it thoroughly.
There were academic rivalries so intense and acrimonious as to result in completely trashed faculty lounges.
Huffy, who sells the luggage, wants a valise that is going to be trashed.
The directors have trashed their own work in pursuit of a dwindling theatre audience.
The only ones available were trashed, which is another problem with ereaders.
Expensive equipment was trashed or impounded, party-goers beaten up.
He was driven to go after the people who had trashed his dad.
Then everything starts disappearing, and my bathroom gets trashed.
Comer sent out an email alerting people of a science lecture, and got trashed because of it.
Humans have trashed them unwittingly but with a terrifying thoroughness.
He left our yard, got in the neighbor's doggie door, fought with their cats and trashed their kitchen.
The scientific method is being trashed for the sake of politics and fad science.
It featured stuffed ballot boxes and repeat voting, ballot slips scattered in gutters, trashed polling stations and intimidation.
The only question is how soon it happens, and which major company gets trashed.
Years of public education and the implementation of recycling infrastructure will be trashed by the proposed moratorium.
Two squad cars were overturned and trashed, as were five police motorcycles.
Items that can not be recovered are recycled as scrap metal or trashed.
If something unexpected happens during your experiment, the project doesn't need to be trashed.
Prematurely presented proposed orders will be trashed.
All consumable stores will be donated, consumed, or trashed.
Citizens in these areas cannot leave their homes without anxiety of returning to find their belongings stolen or trashed.
It was trashed during the war and by the looting afterwards.
Also, snakes which are attracted to rodents are more likely to be found in a trashed campsite.
These reports are to be destroyed or shredded following use, not merely trashed.
All consumable stores will be either donated, consumed, or trashed.
The park is then left trashed with beer bottles and rubbish scattered around.
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