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Her students have no idea that she is a prisoner of the graduate-school poverty trap.
But the appearance of a pastoral idyll conceals a poverty trap.
Perhaps the shriek of a dying animal enticed the dinosaur into the trap.
Lasers can be used to trap and manipulate electrically neutral particles.
The chances that we'll trap and collar a lynx today are slim.
Some researchers have focused on designing precisely engineered materials that can trap light to harness its quantum properties.
The point is, that this is as much a trap as tenure.
For me, studio is a trap to overproduce and repeat yourself.
And now researchers have used one to trap a single molecule of water.
Filters trap small debris and help keep the water clean.
There is no trap so deadly as the trap you set for yourself.
But countries are not doomed to fall into this trap.
Both places are sources of gas hydrates, strange icelike substances that trap methane-the primary component of natural gas.
Or trap by allowing them to collect on the underside of a slightly elevated board.
The team set a trap baited with fresh penguin meat in an area where trained dogs had detected concentrated rodent scent.
Apart from our waking visions, our internal perceptions can trap us into not accepting reality.
Stop defining yourself in terms of your field of study--a common trap of graduate students and profs.
Humanity was once caught in the trap of high fertility and high mortality.
They were led into a topological trap and were not able to respond.
Poppy cultivation offered some respite from the trap.
He wants to know how humpback whales use a method called bubble feeding to trap fish.
By answering their e-mail, even to give false information, you may unwittingly fall into the trap.
The link of garden information to climate zone is important, but it can be a trap when information is extrapolated nationally.
And that points to the only way out of a trap that's lasted a decade.
But, you should not fall into the trap of thinking that you did treatment, so you are done.
The high seasonal humidity in many of the region's cities would act to trap fallout and intensify its effects.
The bladderwort has an equally sophisticated way of setting its underwater trap.
The large angle results from bumps that trap air between water and the surface, minimizing contact with the surface.
If you suffer now, you are far less likely to get back into the debt trap.
Occasionally the nets trap beasts that humans have never seen before.
University profs have today fallen into the trap of thinking that this as a purely individual right.
He races to trap and study this rare animal before its habitat disappears.
The fibers trap bacteria, which the crab may use as food.
Oxidizing carbohydrates additionally increase heat trap in atmosphere and decrease oxygen available in cities.
If everything happens correctly, bonding occurs at points along the strands, forming pockets that trap the surrounding liquid.
Secrecy is important, of course, but it is also a trap.
The whole setting is a trap that he unwittingly designed.
To get out of that trap, savings must be coaxed out and investment must be coaxed up.
As they run towards a trap of steel fencing, many of them face a future far from the range.
In a liquidity trap, there is an explicit trade off between inflation and unemployment.
Party leaders claimed he had fallen into a trap set by the opposition.
They will trap companies in the past and prevent them from riding the next wave of innovation.
Scientists may not be able to build a better mouse trap, but they have learned how to build a better mouse.
The author of this article falls into a bad trap at the end.
The distance and nature of the light-trap response of moths.
Toilets have a pee-trap built in that keeps water in the bowl and methane gas in the sewer.
Spiders use silk to move, trap, and store food and to reproduce.
For example, one whale is responsible for blowing the bubbles to trap the fish, which will not travel through the net of bubbles.
But humans have been adding to the gases that help trap this heat.
Other creatures would then fall into the muddy trap, creating layers of entombed bodies.
The trap-jaw ant is another bug that moves in an unusual way.
These structures control flooding and improve navigation, but they also trap sediment or funnel it completely through to the sea.
Those in turn trap sediments, store nutrients, and serve as nurseries for a number of reef residents.
And that's why expected inflation can help in a liquidity trap: it makes sitting on cash less attractive.
Mammal research is often quite labor-intensive because of low trap success rates in the tropics.
Upon sniffing the smoke from the trap, the beast immediately tried to stamp out the flames.
Then trap them, squeeze them, estrange them from everything that lives and dies elsewhere.
Instead, it tosses brain twisters at four smarty-pants who are lured into a trap.
The ebb and flow of air through the turbinates creates a heat trap that reduces respiratory heat loss.
Several layers of a waxy substance coat their exoskeleton, and trap the precious water.
Their sticky webs, which so effectively trap some insects, can also deter others.
They trap shrimp and other tiny creatures in the baleen, which the whales then swallow before preparing for the next gulp.
They've done their damnedest to turn it into a tourist trap, but the place completely transcends all such efforts.
Reported taken were a machete and perhaps a lobster trap.
But consequences and penalties often speak louder than the endless search for a better mouse trap.
Or a radar trap detector and a radar gun to trigger it.
But whether they stay or go, their attempts to spring the trap of their own lives generally leads only to worse disaster.
Above him a lady is seen plunging from a trap door in the ceiling, about to impale herself upon him.
If you've remembered to put a hair trap over the drain, know this: you do have to clean out the hairs.
But when there is no breeze, the city's northern and western hills can easily trap pollution.
He also notices a barrel-shaped relocation trap on rubber wheels awaiting an especially pesky local bear.
The ions can either be observed in the trap itself or extracted from the trap for external experiments.
Carefully read the instructions before setting the trap.

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