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The city's transport system includes trams, buses and even boats.
Without more money, the government's transport strategy will fail.
Plan the shortest route, using four means of transport.
Such abnormal hemoglobins often do not transport oxygen efficiently and may also be unstable.
While the transport itself has been stalled, building the channel has had its own difficulties.
But critics have contended that hydrogen is expensive to produce and difficult to transport and store.
We always notice the extremes, the exceptional, and this is the case in relation to transport.
Based on a visitor's street address, the site generates a map showing the closest proposed nuclear transport routes.
Some companies have chosen this lighter plastic because it has a lower environmental impact to produce and transport.
To transport specimens back took months and a lot of mules.
Transport the caponata in a small, sealed container in a picnic basket.
The college helped transport and arrange housing for students who could not return home.
Reduce air pollution by upgrading energy use and alternative transport systems.
The power could also be used for public transport, making such transport and the expansion of transport networks much cheaper.
Believed to be at the gold spike to transport and house guests at that time.
Provide disposable serving trays to transport cookies home.
However, the act of creating still images does transport me away from the anxieties of the office.
The oil price is lower, cutting transport costs and demand for grain-based biofuels.
Baskets of fish are put on a cart for transport and sale.
From this contact point the drug can prevent the leucine transport protein from receiving the chemical messenger.
The power of exterior spaces and their ability to be evocative and transport is fascinating to him.
Water uptake and transport in lianas of a seasonally dry tropical forest.
Normally, the neurons transport the glutamate across their membranes, thereby removing the prompt to fire.
The team used the tiny units to transport a fluorescent marker gene to dopamine neurons in the brains of mice.
We need to change zoning laws so that work is nearer home and thereby reduce transport needs.
After all, or living organisms use electrochemical processes and/or transport of electrons.
If the public transport is cheap and easy, you should take it.
And, although other forms of transport cannot easily replace flying, demand for many flights is sensitive to price.
It's pretty cool: it shows you the places in your city that you can reach in a given amount of time using public transport.
The relocation allowance is not for air, but they do take care of air transport.
The transport committee plans a broader look at rail policy next year.
Vegetables require less energy to raise, process and transport than meat.
They are planned for use by piloted spacecraft and for transport of heavy cargo.
Costs that are high are housing and transport and meals out.
Such bundles can not only transport an optical image over a tortuous path, but can also transform it in a number of useful ways.
Any transport business run that way would not last long.
Public transport is extremely cheap and the fastest way of getting around the traffic-clogged city.
Dugout canoes are used to transport fresh goods to the market.
It was originally designed to transport email between students and professors and little more.
If you have a taste for independent exploration off the beaten track, buy a transport map in a newspaper kiosk or bookstore.
In some cases, thousands of people have been evacuated after an accident at a factory or during transport of liquefied chlorine.
What's wrong with public transport: brings you where you need to be, in comfortable conditions, at a reasonable price.
They should provide supervised transport, especially at night.
One feels the wealth of his characters, in their clothing and means of transport, in their expensive hotel rooms and villas.
Most people strike me as pessimistic about transport costs.
The public transport vs cycling one is also fascinating.
The submarine had attacked a transport which escaped.
Rising incomes allowed consumers to switch to electric two-wheelers from a combination of bicycles and public transport.
Basically, models simulate how the atmosphere and oceans absorb energy from the sun and transport it around the globe.
The robots' moderate weight enables military personnel to easily transport and deploy the devices in the field.
Free buses transport hikers up to numerous high trailheads so they can enjoy a one-way descent.
The fact that the treasured gems are small, valuable, and so easy to transport makes them a ideal items to smuggle.
Air transport for pets can pose a number of complications.
Blood specimens and other bio-hazard items will need special packing when air transport is required.
Then, float planes or ferries transport them to their destination.
Because several resorts are nestled in remote locations, charter planes must transport guests to their final destinations.
It offers a high standard of living, an excellent public transport system and is a prominent educational center.
In fact, they may remake electricity as well as transport.
The city's residents and workers are used to its crowded, sticky public-transport system.
It was a small humiliation for a country set on becoming a global centre for transport, tourism and business.
Cash-transport insurance contracts have been written differently since.
US is not the navel of the world in transport sense.
Insects in seeking the nectar would get dusted with pollen, and would often transport it from one flower to another.
Travel is increasing and transport growing easier by reason of horses and roads.
On this he chiefly enlarges, in a transport of fury, calling this doctrine the height of impiety.
The heat from the fires, the cedar smoke and the rhythms and chants seem to transport visitors to another time and place.
They're easy to make, pack and transport and even easier to eat.
In preparation for transport, the prospectors then wrapped the sections in layers of tissue paper, aluminum foil and plaster.
It seems that he believes in some supernatural power of pyramids, ie being able to transport souls into other dimensions.
Heavy pesticide use there at the time, coupled with heavy chemicals used here to revive the flowers after the long transport.
One might think there would be a use for a transport network half way up.
And from that income get an income tax cut and help switching to more eff homes, transport.
These irregularities make some parcels of air buoyant, which results in the transport of pollutants throughout the atmosphere.
Another task would be coordinating infrastructure policies that affect supply, transport and distribution of fuels.
One easy solution: wall off the city, make people park outside and take public transport into the city.
Transport fuel providers--producers and refiners of oil--are treated differently.
The motors came to us as refrigerators to store our food and cars to transport us.
Electricity is mostly used in machine drives, for grinding and crushing, and to transport materials around facilities.
But the real units are bigger and will need beefier transport.
In that limited geography, the bicycle is the prevalent form of mechanized transport.
Buses idled, waiting to transport would-be marauders.
We should instead make public transport a central pillar of our development.
His colleagues tell me they can never find enough, transport it, or beat the price of commodity food.
He countermands his own general's order outlawing the use of horse-drawn carts, which the town needs to transport food and water.
He was not completely sure, however, until the animals had been unloaded and released from their transport cages.
With four or five stories of stores, it had a bunch of escalators to transport shoppers from one level to another.
But as mining ramps up, the oil companies need an efficient way to transport and refine their new stock of heavy crude.
Before buying beef, think about the immense cost of energy used to raise cattle and to transport meat to your supermarket shelf.
Even now none of the ballplayers believes a sports agent had selected them for defection and arranged their transport.
For what it's worth, the negative-pressure theory of water transport is enshrined in plant physiology textbooks.
Find out how much you emit getting from here to there, and read about your public transport options.
That's why it's amazing that they can actually maintain quantum coherence long enough to pull off this energy-transport trick.
The complex interactions of atmospheric turbulence and heat transport affect global climate.
If you open the door, there's a transport of heat between the two.
Many don't transport oxygen as well as normal hemoglobin and shorten the life of red cells.
Other rain forests probably depend on long-distance transport, too.
All eukaryotic cells have an internal transport system.
Water transport is cheap, and one can shift matériel in bulk.
If one part of a stand of trees is poor in nitrogen and another is short of water, fungi can transport the substances needed.
The entire city will run on renewable energy and all city centers will be reachable by walking, cycling, or public transport.
When ice cream suffers heat shock during transport or storage, its ice crystals grow larger, making the refrozen product grainier.
Too bad there isn't a way to transport it to a place in the world where it may be needed.
Scattered along the roads are ninety-seven more statues, as if abandoned in transport from the quarry.
Protest against the boom has slowed up the development of the supersonic transport.
Between four and five o'clock transport is significant: trains, cars, and airplanes.
Nor is he interested in the economic implications of the various forms of transport he describes.
Motor vehicles were so scarce that they played no significant part in military transport.
It reduces environmental damage by providing an alternative to road transport.
But there's a big problem: natural gas is volatile and expensive to transport.
In a movie theater, loudspeakers surround us with sound and transport us into illusion.
Because these quasiparticles transport energy through and out of a condensate, they reduce its specific heat.
Bananas are ideal for the developing world because they are compact, easy to grow and transport, and highly nutritious.
But the chlorophyll's not involved in charge transport.
How about an induction electrical grid infrastructure for transport.
With antique streetcars from dozens of cities around the world, it's a transport museum on the streets.
Fed up with poor public transport, people use private cars to get to work.
Before the electric car became the transport of tomorrow, it was the horseless carriage of yesteryear.
Most workers curled up in their cubicles to wait out the post-earthquake public transport freeze.

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