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When the seedlings have developed their second set of true leaves, it's time to transplant or thin them.
All three tell you whether they're measuring days from sowing or from transplant for each vegetable listed.
Finally, cut the plants back by about two-thirds and transplant them into the garden.
Use it to transplant seedlings, or to go after deep-rooted weeds.
Then plant outdoors or transplant into a larger container.
To preserve the harvested heart, a member of the transplant team flushes it with a cooling solution that slows its metabolic rate.
After several months, she too had a successful heart transplant.
Similarly, he says, the study of emperor penguins could enable us to preserve for longer organs intended for transplant.
With the species at risk, the biologist has no choice but to transplant the nests.
Add a handful of organic fertilizer to the planting hole as you plant seeds or transplant seedlings.
They left the show off by her saying that in six months she would be dead without a liver transplant.
Organ transplant politics are once again in the news.
In the meantime, my transplant process is progressing slowly.
It has no cure, but one treatment can solve the problem for years, even decades: a kidney transplant.
The nation's first face transplant has revealed herself.
He'd only started participating in marathons recently, after a heart transplant gave him life and the ability to exercise again.
Since the current transplant system extols altruism, one way to end the list would be to find more altruists.
It's illegal in this country to buy or sell organs for transplant.
It was, in any case, easier to transplant whole the entire existing educational structure.
Tom is a retiree in his seventies with a successful kidney transplant.
Transplant rejection is a process in which a transplant recipient's immune system attacks the transplanted organ or tissue.
Such machines could be used to support patients in critical condition while they wait for a liver to be found for transplant.
To transplant democracy to any country is doomed to failure.
It is tantamount to a complete personality transplant for the infected cell.
Now, doctors and laboratories are the sources of clinical wonder, from transplant surgery to gene therapy.
When a surgeon transplant a liver, it's mainly liver cells that are transplanted.
She was wheeled to surgery for the removal of her kidneys, and transplant operations took place almost immediately.
One of the four people known to have received a partial face transplant has died, according to published reports.
Advocates immune tolerance as a transplant strategy.
Diabetologists had long regarded duct cells as mere chaff, to be removed from the islet tissue they were trying to transplant.
The pupils that received these cells were also more sensitive to light than those that did not receive the transplant.
But attempts to cure diabetes through transplant or regeneration of insulin-producing cells have failed.
After receiving a transplant of ovarian cancer cells, mice were restrained to cause stress.
The transplant failed after two weeks and the patient had to have the new hand amputated.
Patients with impaired vision because of a damaged cornea could soon regain their sight without need of a human donor transplant.
One promising solution to this medical predicament is to harvest organs from suitable animals and use them for human transplant.
The next step is to extract the complete synthetic bacterial genome from the yeast and transplant it into bacterial cells.
The mutated protein builds up in liver cells, killing off the tissue and eventually necessitating a liver transplant.
If it all works out, the first application may be to help preserve transplant organs longer by keeping them colder.
The ability to create living tissues and organs in the lab holds great promise for transplant medicine.
Scientists have been attempting to transplant eye cells for decades.
But creating chimeras isn't only about curing disease by creating more transplant-friendly organs and blood for human recipients.
The researchers were able to transplant the tooth into an adult mouse, and the tooth bud continued to grow to full size.
The researchers also tried the first parts of the procedure on donated human lungs that were too damaged to transplant.
Someday the transplant you need may be growing on the hoof-or in a lab.
Her bladder condition disqualified her for a kidney transplant.
The cells replaced scar tissue and rebuilt the ocular surface, preparing the eye for a corneal transplant.
If the transplant doctors were willing, he told me privately, he would take his chances.
The next step will obviously be to test the final transplant stage with human patients.
First, it means that those in need of a trachea transplant don't have to wait for a donor trachea.
But two weeks after the transplant, it has completely regenerated.
Because she also needed a lung transplant, and her doctors wanted to avoid doing two risky transplants at once.
No surgery quite crosses the existential line the way transplant surgery does.
Some day, somewhere, some surgeon is going to perform the first face transplant.
In such cases, the patient usually dies within five years unless she receives a marrow transplant.
Scientists believe it will be roughly four years before pig organs will be available for transplant purposes.

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