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Gamblers can also for the first time wager on the outcomes of events as the events transpire.
Often they transpire in hot weather, and everyone's sweating even before the first of too many official welcomes.
Obviously, no great change will transpire because of a single speech.
Plants also transpire during photosynthesis, the moisture released cause cooling.
It surely knows that all eyes are upon it this year to see what might transpire.
It's a live sound, though not as live as what will transpire here.
But politics is every so much about what might and should and should not transpire.
Hooray for being alive when this stuff can transpire.
It is where triumph and tragedy transpire in milliseconds.
Mellon acknowledges that they could take three to four years to transpire.
Even if fans cannot get inside the park, they can still get a vivid sense of what will transpire.
Maybe some sort of free trade agreement could transpire as a way to free up the economic stagnation.
What will transpire on his demise, is anyone's guess.
Its spire and cross stretched skyward, ignoring the events that were about to transpire.
What they thought-which might have been interesting-did not transpire.
Sixty-five million years is plenty of time for spectacular changes to transpire.
For a decade now, the agency has successfully avoided a reckoning with its own culpability in letting this tragedy transpire.
All might not transpire as expected, so adaptation will be useful.
Events transpire and are interpreted by critics and the anti-war media and by everyone on the planet but the president.
Above is a comparison of the rates at which some of the slower geological processes transpire.
Please remain cognizant and aware of your surroundings and what may transpire.
These aliments normally don't transpire until years later.
Determine whether sufficient incidents of ownership exist and/or what events must transpire to affect stock ownership.
As the leaves make food through the process of photosynthesis, they give off or transpire a lot of water.
If a scoring event does transpire on a streamline refinance transaction, the results of the scoring event are not relevant.

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