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No, it doesn't prove that, because sequences can come in over the transom through the trans-genic route.
The rectangular transom above the door to the street shone a dazzling white light.
Meanwhile, a few things have come across the transom.
Awesome family room with transom windows leading to an oversized deck.
Pilasters flank the deeply recessed door with leaded transom.
Field attach transom panels to reinforcing channels with screws.
The door is framed with a paneled soffit and jamb, flaking sidelights of three lights over panels, and an eight-light transom.
Stay away from the transom while the vessel is idling or underway.
No riding on the bow, gunwale or transom of any vessel.
Full transom means a transom with a maximum width which exceeds one- half the maximum beam of the boat.
The door is elaborated with a four-light ribbon transom topped by a two-light frosted lancet transom.
The transom windows are opened and exist to bring natural light in over the rigid canopy.
Operable over-the-door transom providing cross ventilation.
The vinyl single hung windows evaluated in this report are individual, mulled, and with a transom.
The right side fa├žade has a single six-paneled door with a four-paned transom.

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Wags try to invent new stories to tell about the legislature, and end by telling the old one about the senator who expla... more
You've gotten in through the transom and you can't get out till Monday morning or, worse, till the cops com... more
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