transoceanic in a sentence

Example sentences for transoceanic

Other transoceanic drifters have had much larger effects.
So, dispersal theory predicts that transoceanic dispersal should be a common event.
But transoceanic submarine cables were outside of its traditional realm.
In the beginning, transoceanic exploration was funded by governments.
Transoceanic travel would be a factor of months without planes, and numerous rural zones can't be reached without it.
The air upgrade applies to the transoceanic portion of flight itineraries and is a capacity-controlled program, the line says.
The would-be bomber paid cash and checked no luggage on a transoceanic flight.
The airplane manufacturer chooses him to pilot his plane on a great transoceanic flight.
Built for long range, it served transoceanic routes that covered world-spanning distances but attracted too few travelers.
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