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In medieval times, alchemists used an alembic when they tried to transmute base metals into gold.
The story pivots around a group of people with the ability to transmute matter into new substances.
It was a time when, according to his manifesto, his political views began to transmute.
They also transmute the book's surreal nightmare tropes into moments of genuine anguish.
Usually this will transmute a seemingly dull play into a living, appealing work of art.
These neutrons are of high value because they can be used to transmute neighboring atoms by neutron capture.
In this nuclear fusion reaction, nuclei capture protons and transmute into a heavier element, releasing energy in the process.
The first job-and it is not a simple one-is to transmute the photographs into a three- or six-view drawing properly dimensioned.
It thus appears that a higher power will transmute more of the initial actinide inventory.

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