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For one, active cables could combine fiber optics with electrical cabling for power transmission.
Wind-power projects are undermined by transmission problems.
The financial crisis has bunged up that transmission mechanism.
It would be unfair to account for power transmission loss but not gas transmission loss after all.
Energy regulators removed reports on power plants, transmission lines, and the transportation of radioactive materials.
And all exact penalties in the form of less pep and more fuel consumption than a manual transmission provides.
Research interests may include but are not limited to host-vector pathogen relationships and transmission biology.
Transmission costs absolutely have to be priced into the market.
Several other cases of human-to-human transmission are suspected.
And until now, scientists have not been able to closely track the transmission and mutation patterns of single strains.
Already, one option delete that's put a hitch in the giddy-up of would-be truck buyers is the lack of a manual transmission.
No predigital means of transmission has been as effective as the codex.
And growth in the sector is constrained, at the moment, by transmission.
Adding renewable energy to the grid and making it more reliable means adding new transmission lines.
But transmission lines cost money, and utilities say investing too much more in infrastructure will cost consumers.
The improved signal quality also increased the range of radio transmission.
Still, there will be applications to combine the virtual worlds with multimedia transmission of the immediate physical world.
Having access to such a wide torque band eliminates the need for a second or third gear in the transmission.
Guy heard a few words of broken transmission over a background of howling wind.
In fact, some of the gels tested actually appeared to raise the risk of transmission.
The fiercest disputes are over electricity transmission.
They also take into account transmission line losses.
Although promising, these efforts produced mosquitoes with only reduced parasite transmission.
Those who would rather set it and forget it can opt for a continuously variable transmission.
Intergenerational transmission of income inequality is the jargon for this.
The parasites then multiply rapidly, forming cells that are ready for transmission to a new host.
Poor sanitation can foster transmission of all sorts of nasty bacterial bugs.
Shifting the manual transmission without a clutch took a little getting used to, but was really quite easy.
Other traits that show evidence of cultural transmission include different forms of communication and play.
Better insulation for high-voltage cables could keep them dry during deluges and cut transmission loss.
The transmission maps actuator movements to the desired wing motions.
They believe the disease has spread mainly because of transmission to cattle from badgers.
The transmission will end with a commemorative slow-scan television image.
Large-scale electricity transmission usually uses alternating current, in which both current and voltage oscillate.
Many, though not all, human viruses originated by cross-species transmission.
Early humans probably lived close together in hunter-gatherer groups, in which the rate of parasite transmission was high.
In addition, the distribution and transmission of electricity relies on sulfur hexafluoride.
Moreover, there is already one well-proven way of stopping the virus's transmission using drugs.
Similar transmission probably occurs among chimps and gorillas.
The findings settle a key debate on the history and transmission route of the deadly virus, the scientists say.
Also called a transmission line enable: verb: to empower or allow.
Have students number each satellite transmission in their data table.
It was still running great, though the transmission was getting a bit dodgy.
One of my cousins now owns the transmission repair shop that he worked in for a number of years.
Another is that the transmission system had to be completely redesigned.
As a result, transmission proceeds more efficiently.
The transmission and steering are entirely electronic, which removes the need for clunky mechanical parts.
Vector breeding sites will increase, as will the potential for dengue transmission.
Replace it with copper wire to boost the transmission.
Even more promising than the powerplant is the transmission.
Cell phones communicate with nearby transmission towers when making and receiving calls.
Though cases of pigs infecting humans are rare, human-to-human transmission can subsequently occur.
The work is not discontinuous, and the currents of transmission are complex.
In or near the last suture is the mastoid foramen, for the transmission of an emissary vein.
If you have a manual transmission, shift quickly into higher gear.
Both sensations arise from a neurological transmission, not from something that physically exists.
She was not comfortable driving a standard transmission.
It was understood that flies were a transmission vector for disease, and a public-health crisis seemed imminent.
Television is best suited to the transmission of images of things that have already happened.
We are at the infancy stage when it comes to predicting the transmission potential of influenza strains.
Ice water is injected in the centre of the cooling drum for optimal cooling transmission to the egg.
Since it so easily triggers a chain reaction, the yawn reflex opens a window onto mood transmission, an essential part of empathy.
But even with genealogical records there are often omissions and biases in transmission of information.
From energy generation to energy transmission to energy use.
After a false alarm which turned out to be a transmission from an aircraft, no signals of extraterrestrial origin were reported.
When it does, of course, its route of transmission increases its virulence substantially.
But greens vehemently oppose the building of more dams and transmission lines in the country's beautiful, rain-drenched south.
Handoffs between base stations in different cells add even more inefficiencies, causing transmission judders for voice and video.
In the past five years, transmission speeds have more than doubled, so that electronic data can flow easily.
Financial crises interfere with the transmission of lower rates to private borrowers.
As hologram and data-transmission technologies improve over the next decade, the rooms will increasingly meld together, he says.
Their relatively short wavelength makes the transmission equipment compact and the antennas small.
Grid transmission will remain in government hands but will be privately managed.
Both can be had with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.
Sound waves require a medium, such as air or water, for transmission.
No medium is required for the transmission of radio waves.
It will come with a five-speed automatic transmission.
It has a five-speed paddle-shifting automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.
Wireless transmission of data compromises security, and important personal data could fall into the wrong hands, they say.
The engine, transmission and some other parts must be destroyed so they can't be reused.
Both models come with a standard six-speed manual transmission but offer an optional automatic.
The virus is capable of mammal-to-mammal transmission, which has raised concerns it might be transferable to humans.
There's no way to seal our borders effectively enough to prevent disease transmission in or out of the country.
Wind turbines often also employ a transmission to gear the shaft speed up or down to the sweet spot.
The variation helps to coordinate transmission speeds.
Clearly, the speed of impulse transmission is a vital aspect of brain function.
Typically, transmission speeds are discussed in terms of bits per second, rather than messages per second.
One of the values of photon transmission as opposed to electron is surge.
Mining copper and other elements needed for electrical wiring and transmission also causes globe-warming pollution.
Go from electrical transmission to magnetic transmission.
Absorption and transmission of light are complementary figures for all materials, along with reflection.
The airframe must provide a solid mechanical ground for the actuators and transmission.
For cost reasons, there is no manual-transmission option, no available all-wheel drive.
It's seamless, as is the electronic continuously variable transmission.
Cocaine dampens the excitation of nerve endings and the transmission of information along nervous pathways.
Once engaged, the transmission is capable of shifting by itself when the driver lets off the accelerator.
The engine and transmission have been rebuilt and painted.
Really low, and you have a low range in the transmission for really slow, high torque pulling.
The car is original mechanically-original motor, transmission and running gear.
Then there is shifting, which is more complicated than handling the manual transmission in an automobile.
It wasn't immediately clear how to shift the standard transmission into reverse.
ED was so sadden he was compelled to help her and send her money to get the transmission fixed in her car.
The encryption protecting mobile-device data transmission is permeable.
Humans have a unique pattern of transmission that makes them easy to tell apart from machines that send spam.
And some manufacturers are making nitrogen-cooled superconducting cables for transmission lines.
Inside the transmission, an electric oil pump replaces the torque-converter pump.
And resending data that has been corrupted in transit makes transmission times even longer.
The researchers deciphered the communication protocol by experimenting with different parameters of the radio transmission.
One problem is that the transmission systems in fuel-cell vehicles use a lot of energy, cutting efficiency.
Once these changes are complete, users should see a significant increase in data transmission speeds.
You've merely displaced the source and added line losses and other inefficiencies in the transmission of it to boot.
The transmission of such secure information remains firmly stuck at light speed or below, however.
Human-to-human transmission of the virus was possible.
Language really isn't about information transmission.
The long thick cables of transmission lines are made of copper or aluminum because they have a low resistance.
The interconnected transmission system in the west is at or near capacity and many constrained paths have been identified.
Basic information on the electric transmission system and transmission facilities.

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